Revealed: Top 3 Perth Metro Beaches

Revealed: Top 3 Perth Metro Beaches


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We live in a city best known for its beaches. To say we are spoilt for choice is an understatement. Picking the three best is therefore no easy feat and opinions are sure to be divided. After some early afternoon sun and a refreshing swim I feel up to the task. Please comment below and let me know which one is your favourite! See you in the waves.
1. Swanbourne Beach**

Where: North end of Marine Parade, right by the Surf Club
Why: Even though it's only just north of some of Perth's most ritzy/busy shores you feel like you're the only one on the beach

Is Swanbourne beach the black sheep of the family? I think not. Set in front of some seriously prime real estate it doesn't get the same attention as its popular siblings up the road (Cottesloe, Grant St etc) but that's the beauty of the place. It's quiet, safe and the 'intense-metre' has been dialled down to near zero. Swanbourne beach is where you go to wash away all of life's stresses.

There's more than just the opportunity to get wet. A couple of kms north of the main beach (approx half way to City Beach) is a popular fishing spot called 'Swanbourne drain' where the tailor run rampant in season. For free and easy folk, the nude beach is accessible via a short stroll from the car park. No need to pack anything (clothes included!)

Leave the ego at home and go for a body surf at my favourite Perth beach. Did I mention the sunsets? Pictures speak a thousand words.

2. Leighton Dog Beach

Where: Directly opposite the old train bridge on Curtin Avenue
Why: It's dog friendly, flat and damn good fun!

Run a line from the old train bridge (a beautiful monument by the way) to the water and it splits a dog and people beach. Pooch owners are spoilt with a flat, expansive sand area that is perfect for running mans best friend ragged. But you don't have to be a dog owner to enjoy this beach. Did I mention it's a damn fun place to hang out? It may be a mini hive of animal activity but I've found the dogs to be well behaved and they tend to keep out of your way. All that's left to do is roll out the towel and people-watch with as much or little attention as you please.

Try a stroll or jog north to the rocks (the point where you can't go any further). It's roughly 1.8km and the flat landscape means there is no risk of rolled ankles. If you spot a cute puppy along the way, most dog owners won't mind if you stop for a pat.

On a windy afternoon the sky changes from beach blue to multi-coloured as thrill seekers launch their kites and take off on the Freo Doctor.

3. City Beach

Where: To the left or right of Clancy's Fish Pub on Challenger Parade
Why: The grass area set just back from the beach gives this place a special dimension, picnic perfect.

In at number three is City Beach. Not only does this beach have sweet waves (rolling in from just off the groynes) but it's most suitable for a Sunday afternoon picnic with family and friends. There are large, well-shaded grass areas where you can lob for the arvo with an esky and some nibbles. Chances are the group next to you will have brought the tunes so don't worry about packing the sound blaster. In between chats the water beckons only a stones throw away.

There is a development underway down at City Beach that includes a new Surf Club, three restaurants and additional grass areas. If living the high life is more your style then don't be shy of hopping on a window seat at Clancy's for a pint of cider and some chish and fips.

Lastly I'd like to give my football club a quick plug - West Coast Amateurs. Across the road from City Beach there is no better place to play footy. New lights have been installed and it's the friendliest club going around. Swim after training anyone?

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