Top 3 Late Night Adelaide Fringe Shows

Top 3 Late Night Adelaide Fringe Shows


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Sat 10 Mar 2018 - Sun 18 Mar 2018


Mad March is the best time to let your hair down and go wild in the streets of Adelaide. There are constant street parties, gardens full of fairy lights, top-notch people-watching opportunities, and enough excitement to keep us whirling for another year.

There are so many different shows to see, and only so much time. That's why you need to hear about the late night shows on past 10pm! If you're seeing one thought-provoking or spectacular show at 7:30pm, why not kick on and see something a bit wilder before you pack it in?

Without further ado, here are my top 5 recommendations for shows worth staying up past your bedtime!

[SECTION]Sound and Fury's Secret Mystery Cabaret of Mysterious Mysteries[/SECTION]

For weird, wild and wacky performances from artists all around the Fringe, you can't go past Sound and Fury's Secret Mystery Cabaret of Mysterious Mysteries . The twist with this one is that the artists are performing new or experimental material, not stuff from their normal shows. That means you're always getting something that you won't be able to experience anywhere else! Sound mysterious enough for you? The show is $22 at Tandanya Theatre on Grenfell Street.

[SECTION][Late Night] GameShow[/SECTION]

[Late Night GameShow] is a ridiculous gameshow lead by British comedian, Andrew Silverwood. With two guest artists on each night, you can expect to see all sorts of crazy antics go down throughout the show. Who knows, you might even end up participating. The Fringe doesn't get much more raw and fun than this, so if you want to be a part of something you'll be talking about for years, get along to this late night extravaganza. The show is at 10:40pm at the Piglet in Gluttony.

[SECTION]After Hours Cabaret Club[/SECTION]

If you like your Fringe shows to be a little sexier, a little more daring, or a little more naked, the After Hours Cabaret Club might be more your style. The first run had mimes, burlesque dancers, circus performers and singers, all letting their hair down and getting a little dirtier than an earlier timeslot would demand. The second run of the club has now started and promises to be as wild as the first. To get some of that gypsy aesthetic on before bedtime and dream of lush fabrics and sexy dancers, don't miss this one. The show starts at 10pm at various locations in Gluttony.

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