Top 8 Japanese Ramen in Sydney

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Posted 2016-05-27 by GiGi GMV follow
Sometimes there's nothing better than a bowl of gelatinous Japanese ramen with the right bouncy wriggly noodle, the perfect roast pork and a slow-brewed thick broth after a long day.

The best thing about ramen is that you can have it at anytime and Sydney has a plethora of Japanese ramen offerings at a reasonable price and they are getting better and better. Here is a Sydney Ramen ranking list of where you can find 8 exceptional ramen dishes that I would return for second helpings.

No.1. Gumshara Ramen @ Haymarket

Tucked within the depths of Chinatown Gumshara Ramen specialises in authentic Japanese ramen and their tonkotsu ramen are out of this world! The hearty broth is really thick and dense because they stew 30 kilos of pork bones for long hours until the marrow and collagen are released from the bones. Then it all melts into a thick, delicious, hearty porky broth full of goodness. Just one sip of the thick, rich flavourful soup alone makes Gumshara Ramen number 1 in my books.

No.2. Ryo's Noodles @ Crows Nest

Hiding away in Crows Nest is Ryo's Noodles , a well-known little Tokyo ramen joint. As soon as you step inside the orange ramen house, you'll feel as if you're back in Japan.

Add: 125 Falcon Street Crow's Nest

No.3. Menya Noodle Bar @ Sydney CBD

This is Market Street's finest; Menya Noodle Bar is hugely popular serving outstanding authentic ramen. The roast pork is one of the best in town. Menya Noodle House is definitely a joint worth a visit.

Add: Shop 2, 1 Market Street, Sydney NSW 2000

No.4. Ramen Ikkyu @ Chinatown Haymarket

If there was ever a time to preach "don't judge a book by its cover", it would be now. Tucked away at the end of a Chinatown's foodcourts is Ramen Ikkyu . It is run by a renowned chef Harunobu Inukai and it quickly become a ramen hotspot known for its unique fusion of traditional Japanese flavourings with a modern French taste. You can expect some fine-dining attention to detail to these humble ramen bowls.

Special mention of the word 'kaedama' and you can get an extra serve of noodles for free!

Add: Shop F1A, 401 Sussex Street, Haymarket

No.5. Mappen Noodle Bar

Menya Mappen is a no-frills, authentic Japanese noodle bar that originally specialised in udon and soba with self-serving tempura hot food. Now it has expanded its territory to include various rice dishes and ramen noodles. Their cheap and cheerful prices are still hard to beat in this prime CBD neighborhood. It is ridiculously popular with students, tourists and nearby office workers. Once you have tried it, you will never let go of this secret dining gem.

Add: 537-551 George Street Sydney NSW 2000

No.6. Ippudo @ Westfield Sydney

Ippudo is part of an international ramen franchise that aims to serve some of the best ramen in Sydney. It is situated inside the posh Westfield shopping centre and I do find the ramen here slightly expensive compared with others.

Add: Westfield Shopping Centre, 5021/188 Pitt Street, Sydney

No.7. Manpuku Ramen Restaurant @ Chatswood/Kingsford

Some hailed Manpuku as the best ramen joint in the Eastern Suburbs (now moving into the North Shore). The ramen broth here is super-tasty.

Add: 226 Victoria Ave, Chatswood, 2067

No.8. Ramen Zundo @ Sydney World Square

Ramen Zundo is cheap, delicious and you have it in front of you just minutes after ordering. Their tonkotsu broth is boiled over 12 hours and delivers that addictive ramen taste that you keep coming back for. If you have a big appetite, take advantage of their set deal where you can order your favourite ramen and add on a loose-change small rice bowl (donburi) on the side.

So there you have it. These are my personal picks for awesome Japanese ramen in Sydney. If you have your favourite ramen recommendations, please share it with us by leaving a comment.

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