Top Ten Family-Friendly Activities In & Around Sanur for Free or Donation

Top Ten Family-Friendly Activities In & Around Sanur for Free or Donation


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Top Ten Family-Friendly Activities In & Around Sanur for Free (or Donation)

Take a walk along the beach
When we moved to Sanur one of the main reasons was for the beach as it's protected 'Moana style' by a reef. This means that during high tide the waters are calm and flat, perfect for letting smaller children paddle. But the beach is lined with an end to end paved walkway. It's around 5 km and a faster way to explore it would be by hiring a bicycle, but a walk is just as much fun. You'll also find it pretty shaded no matter the time of day.

Beachrunwalk – Bali's answer to parkrun
If you fancy something a little more energetic then why not join this 5 km Saturday morning run. It starts from Genius Café, near the Mecure Hotel in the south of Sanur. Registration is around 5.45am as walkers leave at 6am and runners a little after that. It may be early but it means the path is quieter and the temperature is cooler. It's also the perfect way to start the weekend watching the sunrise with Mount Agung in the background. Best of all, it's open to all. Children, walkers, sprinters and even running buggies, although the path is a little uneven and contains chicanes. For more information, search for the beachrunwalk Facebook page, pass by Genius café or simply turn up.

Sanur Beach Yoga
Bali is famous for its yoga and zen vibe, so while here you must try some. For me there's no more perfect location than on a beach with the cool breeze and coastal back drop. And my favourite beach happens to be Pantai Karang, home to the Sanur Beach Yoga. When you arrive at the beach turn right and walk about 50 metres and you'll find them on the beach area near Villa Cinta. Groups run Monday to Friday at 4.30 pm for about 60/90 minutes. On Thursdays, however, they run free Om chanting at 4.30 pm instead. The groups are suitable for all levels and are run in English. You simply need to turn up with your own mat or towel and enjoy. If you prefer a morning session, in the same location at 7.30 am on a Saturday you'll find a very popular yoga group. This group is taught in Bahasa but even if you don't understand it's easy to follow.

Mertasari Beach
At the most southerly point of Sanur beach you'll find Mertasari. This hang out spot is very popular with the locals as opposed to tourists. The reason I have included this beach and area is that it always seems to be 'alive' with events. During the windy season – July until October - it's the perfect place to enjoy the kites being flown. It sometimes takes up to teams of 15 to get the huge kites in the air. But since we have been here it has been the location for a number of other festivals.

Sindu Market – day or night
In the morning Sindu Market at the north end of Sanur has an indoor section that's a very busy farmers market. Even if you don't need to buy anything, it can be an interesting place to get a slice of island life as you take in the sounds of haggling market folk and the sights of the many colourful food, fruits and vegetables available.

On an evening the action moves outdoor and it turns into the night food market. This popular hangout is full of food carts and a simple small clothes market. Both are free to have a wander around but of course its more fun if you taste some of the local island food. And there's sometimes a small children's ride at the night market that my toddler loves for 5000 IDR.

Now these next few are strictly not within the Sanur borders – but they are pretty close and worth a visit.

For a big open space head to Renon. It's a large park with a walk way around the outside. The path is pretty shaded and you'll always find people walking and running around it to keep fit. In case you need to know, once round is just shy of a mile. In the centre is a big monument which also houses a 3D photo museum - I'll write about that soon. And in between there are large grassy plains. All day there is some form of life and action here. Football clubs, fitness classes or yoga. My toddler and I simply like to take the bike, a football, a picnic and enjoy.

Renon's 'Red and Yellow' Park
Very close to Renon is the Renon Park, opposite the Japanese Embassy and near Urban Café. At the park itself you need to remove your shoes. You'll find a small adventure castle with slides, swings and a few see-saws. My only complaints with this park is that it isn't very well shaded and the floor and equipment can get very hot between 11am and 3pm. It can also get very busy during the cooler times of the day.

Renon Car free Morning
After your beachwalkrun on Saturday if you fancy something different on Sunday mornings this is an option. It takes place at Renon and basically, they close the roads around the grassy Renon area between 6 am and 10 am . You'll find locals practising skateboarding and roller staking, not to mention runners and cyclists. It does get busy but it makes for a great Sunday walk. We've even seen them hold massive Zumba parties or parades from time to time. In the west of the park along Jalan Letjen S Paman, you'll find attractions for children and also all the food stalls if you fancy trying some local food.

Pay As You Feel Vegan Buffet
On the last Friday of the month Malaika Secret Moksha restaurant holds a pay as you feel vegan buffet. It is located at 68 Jalan Danau Poso and it takes place between 11 am and 4 pm. You really don't have to be vegan to enjoy the food lovingly prepared here. Parking is limited for cars but you can leave your moped outside. There are a few steps to the entrance then either inside AC dining or upstairs open-air dining. OK, so it's not really 'free' as you are asked to donate, but that will go to the locally sourced farmers.

Turtle Sanctuaries
My final suggestions are the turtle sanctuaries. There are two in the Sanur area. Firstly, there is a very small one on the beach towards the north end of Sanur. It is located at the bottom of Jalan Pantai Sindhu. Turn right and walk about 20 metres. The other one is a lot bigger and it is located about 20 minutes drive outside Sanur on the island of Serangan. Again, although free, donations are appreciated. For a full review be sure to check out Amanda's thoughts on it []here[].

So what do you think of the list? Have I missed anything that your family has discovered? Please leave me a comment.

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