8 Family Friendly Ideas for Rockingham

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Posted 2017-12-07 by finyfollow
Rockingham is only about 25 minutes drive from Perth and therefore easily achievable on a Sunday when perhaps the children are restless. Here are some ideas where you can go with them, and you will all enjoy yourselves!

With some of these tours, you can interchange and pick which particular animal you would like to see as the ferries all leave from the same place.

[b] 1. KITE BOARDING[/b]
Of course this one is not for the very small children, however, teenagers and tweens would have a ball doing this one!

This is done in the impressive, calm waters of Shoalwater Bay, which is the ideal location for kite-boarding!

There are several options if you want to have a go at this exciting sport and these range from first timers, to those wanting to improve their skills.

There are sessions from one hour, to see if this is for "you", and they go right up to 2 ½ hours of fun. There is even a course that runs over several days, which would be the ultimate.

More information and bookings about this exciting sport can be found here.

Penguin and Seal Islands are part of the breathtaking Shoalwater Islands Marine Park. It is just a 5-minute ferry ride from Shoalwater and this ferry ride will take you through crystal clear blue waters, and on to the shores of Penguin and Seal Islands.

Penguin Island has the largest number of the smallest species of penguins in the whole world, and these are called the Fairy Penguin.

There are generally around 600 pairs of penguins nesting on the island in winter and they feed in the waters of the marine park during the rest of the year.

Fairy penguins are, like many penguins, rather shy, and you can also help in feeding them three times a day.

Other things you can do in this Marine Park include going on a glass bottom boat and going around the wildlife sanctuary zone of Seal Island. This is a fascinating journey as you will pass large cliffs and coves, and you will see rare Australian sea lions, often a stingray or two, pelicans, ospreys and more than 50 other species of seabirds in their natural habitats.

You are also able to snorkel during the summer where you can observe fish swimming in this captivating water.

Watch this great video to see exactly what you will be able to see if you go to Seal Island:


[b]3. SEA LION TOURS[/b]
The Australian Sea Lion is the world's rarest, and they can be found in the protected waters of the Shoalwater Marine Park.

These beautiful mammals can be seen all year round, however, these tours are mainly run from mid-September to late June, and this is mainly because at these times, tours will have the least impact on the breeding colonies.

You have a great choice of what you would like to see using this ferry, and indeed, you can do tours that see them all! You will often also get time to swim in the crystal waters around this area on these tours.

This ferry only takes several minutes to get to Penguin Island and they generally depart every hour from 9 am to 3 pm, and the departure address is 153 Arcadia Dr, Shoalwater.

This is something that we all "should" do at least once! Dolphins are such friendly, fascinating creatures, and I could watch their antics for hours.

This adventure searches for the 200 or so local dolphins that seem to live in Rockingham's sheltered bays. As soon as you see their fins, you don your wetsuit and snorkel ready to go into the water.

The guides will go into the water with you and [i]VOILA[/i], you will be surrounded by these gorgeous grey creatures darting up and down, and splashing around you!

The success rate of finding dolphins on these adventures is about 99% and you don't have to be an accomplished swimmer to join in, nor do you need previous snorkelling experience.

You can book and find out more here.

[b]6. ISLAND YOGA[/b]
Island yoga has now been running for four years on the grass under the trees of Penguin Island.

You will be taught by Kim, owner of Body Connections Yoga, and this is a combination of yoga, meditation and live music, featuring a didgeridoo and acoustic guitar, in an ideal setting, and the class lasts for two hours.

The Department of Parks and Wildlife has given access for this event to take place after hours when the island is peaceful. It has fabulous views making it the ideal place for these yoga classes. After the class, you will head back on a slow ferry, just as the sun is setting over this picturesque Marine Park!

The cost of this is $59 including a ferry ride and these classes will start in February 2018 and you can book by phoning 618 9591 1333.

WASUP offers stand up paddleboarding in Rockingham and they will teach you how to "SUP" and/or you can actually tour the pristine water on a paddle-board.

These lessons and paddle hire are from Palm Beach in Rockingham. This beach is perfect even for young children to have a go at this fun sport, and for those who are not adventurous, you can swim in the calm waters here. This firm will even supply you with beach toys for your children while you hire a board!

Palm Beach is located slightly west of the Rockingham Foreshore, on the Esplanade, and you can find out more from this site.

[b]8. KAYAKING[/b]
Kayaking has become a very popular pastime over the last few years, and this can be a family event with a two-man kayak.

You can either hire kayaks and do your own thing, or you can go on a guided tour which I would prefer with family.

There are a few tours you can take, and one is the Penguin and Seal Island Sea Kayak Tour, however this one would only be suitable for older children as it is for 6 hours. You will spend the day exploring Penguin and Seal Islands by sea kayak, and take a guided walk to look over Penguin Island and more.

Or you can paddle to Penguin Island on a 3-hour tour, have morning tea, and visit a penguin show and also be guided around the Island.

You can find out more about these two here.

You can also hire the kayaks for $50 per day or for part of a day, and to find out more phone: 0474 089 272.

Make a day of it with so much choice of engrossing things to do in Rockingham.

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