Top 7 Dog Breeds For Homes with Children

Top 7 Dog Breeds For Homes with Children


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You often hear concerns coming especially from parents of toddlers about dog breeds that would do well living in their homes. Most parents who want to get their kid a dog wonder which breed would be the most suitable. Such a question is rather difficult to answer as there is not one single dog breed where you can say for sure that each and every member is child friendly. However, there are quite a few dog breeds that are generally great with kids:


Your kids will love these small wrinkled dogs because they are very playful and sociable. Although they get along with other pets as well, pugs certainly prefer the people for companionship. Pugs build a special bond with toddlers they grow up with, so it is advisable to get one soon after the birth of your kid.


Looking more like a bear than like a dog, the Newfoundland is a much laid back dog, so you don't have to worry about any possible aggressiveness towards your toddler. Easy to train and fun to play with, especially if he has his favorite toys around, the Newfoundland is a true gentle giant who will simply charm your kids. However, you should be aware that these lovely giant dogs have a tendency to drool.
Labrador retriever

This is probably the most popular dog breed with families. Labrador retrievers have an excellent reputation as easy to train and fun to play with companions. One thing to take into consideration: your Labrador retriever will need to be trained, otherwise it gets hyperactive, and prone to accidents. One of this breed's greatest features – they grow old slowly and keep behaving playfully until they are 4 and even 5.
Staffordshire bull terrier

This breed's members are family dogs par excellence, and they are especially reliable around children. Although they bark quite a lot, they never do it without a reason. However you should know that Staffy bulls are rather aggressive towards other dogs, so beware when you go out with them for a walk.


These medium sized dogs are the kids' joy because they are fluffy and smiling. Their happy aspect is probably what got them the nickname "Smiling Dutchman". Be warned, though: these dogs are not only cute, but also very smart, with an incredible ability to learn various tricks. Great explorers and happy to play any game you might have in mind, keeshond dogs are a great choice if you are looking for a companion that would keep your kid busy and entertained.

Golden Retriever

The friendly members of this dog breed, Golden Retrievers embody the perfect stereotype of a family dog. They like playing and catching things, so if you want to entertain your pet, just throw different toys and send him to bring them back. If you have a toddler in the house, be careful: leaving your Golden Retriever unsupervised might result in various accidents, and this is not because these dogs are aggressive. They are simply boisterous and might just knock the kid over by accident.


The first thing that pops into people's mind when the name of this dog breed is brought up into conversation is the scene where Lassie saves Timmy by dragging him out of the well in the movie by the same name. Very gentle, Collies make a great choice as family dogs. Although not all of them will behave as heroically as Lassie when faced with danger, they are very protective of children, as well as active and playful. Your little one will certainly love having his own Lassie.

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