Top 3 Canberra Deliveries in Lockdown So Far

Top 3 Canberra Deliveries in Lockdown So Far


Posted 2021-08-29 by Caitlinfollow
Top 3 Canberra Deliveries in Lockdown (... So Far)

So we're two weeks into lockdown and I've got to say, I've never been prouder to be a Canberran. Sorry, strike that. I've genuinely never said that before and it feels a bit weird. But I'm far more comfortable calling myself a proud Ken Behren, so I'll stick to that.

I'm going to keep this write up short but want to start with a quick shout out to all the Ken Behrens out there doing the right thing, staying at home and doing what they can to support our local businesses doing it tough. Here's my favourite home delivery finds so far.

1. Treat yourself to a bottle of gin from my favourite Tipsy Bull

The Tipsy Bull is one of my absolute fav places to grab a drink after work. It's a Canberra institution so I need not say any more. Just treat yourself this lockdown by purchasing a bottle of their famous gins. Their online range is mammoth and don't worry, you can order the tonic too. Free delivery across Canberra.

2. Let Canberra Wine & Spirit Merchants pick your wines for you

So I've written up this mob before. And in the two years since my last article, they've never let me down. I got their box of 6 different Canberra rieslings ($138), which made online shopping particularly easy but also reinforced my pride in the Canberra wine district. There's a range of mixed boxes available, otherwise, you can make your own selection (with a discount if you purchase three or more). Canberra Wine & Spirit Merchants does free delivery across Canberra.
3. Let the Barton Grocer take care of breakfast

This is my favourite find of lockdown so far. The Barton Grocer has put its range online but also developed a number of "speciality boxes" that make grocery shopping a breeze. I purchased their Fruit and Veg box ($80) which was fresh and diverse and kept me cooking throughout the last fortnight. Seriously, I've had a mandarin every day for the first time since high school, and cooked a stir fry, pumpkin and carrot soup, pumpkin lasagne and veg spring rolls. It even came with fresh garlic and lemons (which coincidentally go beautifully with my new gin). Oh and I traded the fresh pineapple I got (and which happens to feature in the above photo) for half a dozen home-grown limes with a neighbour. I reckon that counts.

But the Barton Grocer's Breakfast Box ($29) was an absolute highlight. I don't remember the last time I cooked myself a full breakfast at home but there is something supremely satisfying having bacon, eggs, tomato and baked beans with a slice of fresh bread. Oh, and it came with freshly squeezed orange juice to boot. The ultimate comfort meal. Another one delivered on time and with ease. (Side note, I've seen their new Father's Day boxes – wow!).

That's it from me. Stay strong Ken Behrens.

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