Top 5 Best Craft Beer Breweries

Top 5 Best Craft Beer Breweries


Posted 2016-11-15 by Kenneth Lofollow

Malt, hops, water, and yeast are the four essential ingredients needed for brewing the richest of stouts to the smoothest of pale ales. Dating back to the beginning of civilisation, beer is arguably one of the oldest alcoholic beverages ever produced by mankind. This form of liquid gold was considered a gift from the gods and was even a crucial element to these ancient economies through bartering and compensation for workers' wages – almost as a future reference to our Aussie culture.

Now several millenniums later, we're still carrying on this sacred brewing tradition in search of the perfect crisp and blissful beer. Throughout the recent years, Brisbane has been a forefront for beer connoisseurs to master their craft, while supplying to its ever-growing beer culture and loyal punters. So to offer homage to our ancestral beings, let us pay a visit to our local beer inventors and their creative workshops.

1. Green Beacon Brewing Co.

Local and seasonal craft beers paired alongside delectable fresh Queensland seafood, what more could you ask for? Situated in the heart of Teneriffe, is the rustic warehouse microbrewery 'The Green Beacon'. They focus on treating their beers like produce, and not products. With seven various core range beers and seasonal specialties on rotation, they will always provide customers with a fresh and new experience each time. To add onto the communal vibes, The Green Beacon has partnered up with Brisbane's trendiest food trucks to cater to your evening munchies. If that's not enough, this brewery is dog-friendly as well! So bring along your pooch and have a cold one to become one with the Teneriffe community.

Price Range: $9 - $21


26 Helen Street, Teneriffe.
No: (07) 3252 8393

2. Newstead Brewing Co.

A stone's throw away from The Green Beacon is home to the industrial-styled microbrewery, 'Newstead Brewing Co.'. It labels itself as Brisbane's oldest new craft brewery, which plays on the contrast of themes and concepts that scientist Mark Howes and ex-restaurateur Michael Conrad concocted together. With a fusion between molecular bio-science and fine-dining, customers will be able to feast on restaurant quality dishes, while washing it all down with one of their signature taps. The 21 Feet 7 Inches Porter is highly recommendable with the chef's Pork Belly special.

Price Range: $8 - $30


85 Doggett St, Newstead.
No: (07) 3172 2488

3. Catchment Brewing Co.

Determined to reconnect the history of the area with modern day love for beer, is the microbrewery and eatery, 'Catchment Brewing Co.'. The collaboration between two local beer families undertook a complete restoration of 150 Boundary St's historical building to allow a new birthplace for beer brewing. To highlight the cohesion between two eras, The Catchment Colonial Ale delivers a sense of rich heritage when being tasted; on the other hand, the brewery serves captivating plates of modernised food that will make you question what you just drank.

Price Range: $9 - $28


150 Boundary St, West End.
No: (07) 3846 1701

4. Brisbane Brewing Co.

Fellow West Ender brewery, 'Brisbane Brewing Co.' is an urban gem hidden down a laneway amongst the bustle of the lively suburb. This boutique craft beer brewery and eatery with its quirky industrial aesthetics and open-aired beer garden fully symbolises the West End lifestyle. As you graze upon their selection of delicacies, ensure that it's accompanied by the brewery's award-winning preservative-free beers made from all natural ingredients. For curious beer lovers alike, there's even a beer and food masterclass called Brew'niversity that teaches the process of beer making from start to finish. During the weekends, there's even live entertainment from local musicians and a DJ that will satisfy all your dancing urges.

Price Range: $8 - $35


124 Boundary St, West End.
No: (07) 3891 1011

5. Bacchus Brewing Co.

As if somewhat a tribute to Bacchus, the Roman God of grape harvest and wine making, 'Bacchus Brewing Co.' experiments on the conventional style of beer making by incorporating different tasting flavoured beers. With over a hundred original brews each year, owner Ross Kenrick is determined to utilise the finest ingredients, while discovering new concepts and flavours that will challenge the taste buds. From their award-winning dessert specialty beers, such as the White Chocolate & Raspberry Pilsner to their Lea's Rocky Road, there isn't a single sweet tooth out there that can resist.

Price Range: $9 - $21


1/2 Christine Pl., Capalaba.
No: (07) 3823 2828

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