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Posted 2015-04-03 by G.R. Rosefollow

Cold and rainy again? Bake. Best solution ever. Baking is a skill that can be used all year long and it is fun for everyone, whether you are the one making the food, decorating it, or even eating it. You have holidays, birthdays, special events and dinners to bring baked goods to and it can get expensive. Baking yourself is overall cheaper than buying desserts and breads from bakeries, it is helpful to others, fun, easy, healthier, has no preservatives, it's a stress reliever, and has delicious results.

This sounds great and all, but you may be wondering where to start. What do you need to be a successful baker? First off, you need a kitchen to bake in. In the kitchen it's best to make sure you have a few extra handy dandy things, which prove to be very helpful in the baking process. Some of the essential " accessories " for baking are:
  • an oven
  • oven mits
  • a Kitchen Aide Mixer
  • measuring cups
  • baking sheets
  • bowls
  • spatula
  • ingredients
  • recipe

  • All of these things are very important in baking, however you can make do without a majority of them, depending on what you're making. You also need a lot of ingredients and the main ones are:
  • baking powder
  • baking soda
  • salt
  • granulated sugar
  • flour
  • vanilla
  • eggs
  • butter
  • cocoa powder
  • brown sugar
  • cinnamon
  • milk

  • Once you have all your supplies you are ready to bake. If you need a recipe, but can't find one, there are tons of websites that have recipes for almost anything. Some of the easiest, tastiest desserts to make are brownies , cookies (any kind), cake, fudge, muffins, and lemon bars.

    Another one of the joys of baking is once you're done with the baking part you get to decorate! Decorating is one of the best parts of baking. Sugar cookies and cakes are my favorite desserts to decorate. Sugar cookies can be cut into any shape (with cookie cutters) and then decorated and colored any way you choose.

    Some tips that prove to be very helpful when baking are:
  • Wash your dishes directly after you finish using them
  • Grease whatever pans you're baking while you are preparing ingredients
  • Use the best quality ingredients
  • When boiling milk, first stir in a pinch of baking soda. This will help keep the milk from curdling

  • Baking skills come with time, but they give you great results. You will be able to make desserts from scratch, have bonding time with your kids (or friends), make anything you want even when it's not available at stores, save money, impress friends and family, and compete with your friends on whose dessert tastes better. Baking is the way to go!

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