Top 5 Things to See and Do in Tasmania

Top 5 Things to See and Do in Tasmania


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Salamanca Markets & Salamanca Place, Hobart.

Trading every Saturday 8am-3pm, is a bustling 300 stalls of local crafts and produce. I bought a pair of hand made earrings, the dangly type knowing it won't be found anywhere else in Australia. Unless of course the Jeweller goes big. Couldn't help eyeing off a pair of tan fringed ugg boots at a bargain price too but sheep are a plenty there, just like New Zealand. The sounds of music from local buskers and atmosphere alone is a major draw card in this hip side of Hobart. Go to for more details.

Barilla Bay Oyster Farm 1388 Tasman Highway, Cambridge.

The world is your Oyster - Pun intended. Yes, that's why you eat Tasmanian oysters everywhere else in Australia because they are 'Shucking Awesome'. The floor to ceiling glass Restaurant overlooks the oyster farm so you know exactly where it's coming from. The Dukka crusted Tasmanin salmon is to die for and the pan seared east coast Scallops, again, died and gone to heaven, twice. Go to and you will see why, it's a must do.

Port Arthur Historic Site

Port Arthur is another must see, not only for it's eerie past but what took place there many many years ago still captures the mind and imagination of a life that once was. Amazingly quiet and picturesque, you can roam the site and walk around for a least a couple of hours. Surprisingly, my dog was permitted on lead, which I thought was a bonus, beats being in the car. For more information go to .

Catch the Spirit of Tasmania.

If the boat is swaying, just keep laying (down). The long journey on water to an island south of the mainland is and can be a lot of fun for a first timer like me, with one exception, if the seas are rough, this can slide your wine glass right off the table and walking is a trip. One glass of wine and you feel like a drunken sailor. Tip: Hold your glass, hold on tight and sit down. Take your car on board and your beloved pooch as well, the spirit offers kennels and water, although you're not allowed to check up on them during sail, security do and will let you know if your pooch is not coping. The Food is average but who cares, hit the bar and sleep it off. For detailed information on fares and sail times go to .


This is truly the only way to see Tasmania in my opinion. Directions are easy to follow with the right map of course. And, even if you took a wrong turn at "Alberkerky" the roads usually lead to the same place - eventually. From Devonport North of Tasmania where the boat docks, you can either head South, East or West. I drove South, stopping at a few towns along the way before destination Hobart. No traffic, speed limits are enforced naturally, but you know it's such a cruisey drive you really can exceed a little. I know this because the locals do. As the saying goes " go with the flow" .

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