Top 5 Things To Do In Ecuador

Top 5 Things To Do In Ecuador


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Ecuador is a diverse country with a lot of things to offer to tourists and people visiting. A lot can be seen in just a short period of time. Holiday lovers and adventure enthusiasts can enjoy a variety of activities from mountain climbing, cruising, shopping, joining one of the bird tours and even climbing snow-capped volcanoes. The following are 5 things to do in Ecuador:

1. Cruise experience in the Galapagos Islands: Experience a heart thrilling cruise in the Galapagos Islands. This is the area where Charles Darwin developed the theories of evolution. Here you can also enjoy swimming with plenty of sea lions found inhabiting the waters surrounding the island. You will find Marine Iguanas, Penguins, sharks and incredible landscape. Divers will find it fascinating as sharks can be seen around some of the islands. You will also learn a lot of science regarding the geological formation of the volcanic island. Choose a multi-day cruise or stay in Puerto Ayora and get on a day cruise.

2. Join one of the memorable bird tours in the Andes, Amazon or Cloud Forest: Ecuador is by far the most affordable part of South America to explore the Amazon. The Amazon is home to different kinds of wildlife. There are at least 230 different species of mammals, 1,600 different bird species, over 3,500 types of orchids and at least 4,500 butterfly species. To enjoy your tour in this vast tropical rainforest you can seek the services of NEST Birding Tours and join one of their Ecuador Birding tours. NEST Birding Tours Plans and organizes high quality bird tours in various parts of Ecuador at an affordable price. Tours can be done in the magnificent cloud forest or you can view and photograph the Andean Condor, Cock-of-the-Rock, colourful Tanagers and many Amazon species.

3. Fulfill your hiking dreams in the Andes: If you like hiking, the high altitude areas of El Cajas and Cotopaxi national parks offer the best hiking areas in Ecuador. However, walking up this areas require serious stamina and bravery. This is because as you climb the mountainous terrain oxygen in the atmosphere keeps on reducing. But if you can beat the odds and reach the top, you will be amazed with the beautiful scenery of the paramo plateaus which are covered with green grass and surrounded by volcanoes.

4. Straddle the equator: A big granite monument marks the equator north of Quito. With the help of guides you can check out this beautiful place, take pictures for remembrance. You can also visit the Inti Nan museum and check out how water moves clockwise and anti-clockwise on both sides of the equator line.

5. Learn to surf: Montanita has for years been a popular spot for surfing in Ecuador. Just a few years ago, this place has been renovated to enhance the experience of tourist and locals who come here to enjoy surfing and those who want to learn how to surf. Each and every weekend you will find experienced locals teaching tourists and locals alike how to surf.

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