Top 5 Things to do at Birubi Beach, Anna Bay

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Posted 2018-10-21 by Sue Wfollow
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These are the Top 5 things to do at Birubi Beach in Anna Bay - why don't you check them all out on your next holiday to the beautiful, Port Stephens region? You won't be disappointed...

1/ Run Through The Sand Dunes

If you have kids, the sand dunes will be like a magnet to them - they will just want to run over the sand hills for as long as their little legs will carry them! The fascinating feature about these dunes is that you can walk through them one day, and the next day you come back they will be different - from the wind and changing weather conditions. Also take time to look for shells, unusual plants and interesting surprises that are unearthed when the wind carries away the sand - on our last visit we found a complete skeleton of a small bird, which our daughter found fascinating! The sand dunes are easily accessible from paths from the Birubi Point Surf Club.
2/ Book a Sand Boarding or Tour Experience
Next to Birubi Point Surf Club, there is a road that leads down to the meeting area for all the tours of the sand dunes. There are plenty of options for the adventurous - sand boarding down the dunes, riding camels over the sand, taking 4WD tours into the hills and quad biking along the beach and dunes. Check out the websites for Port Stephens 4WD , Sand Dune Safaris , 4WD Tag-Along and Passenger Tours , 4WD Tours R Us , Sand Dune Adventures, Oakfield Ranch Camel Rides , Sahara Trails Horse Riding and Quad Bike King Adventure Tours . If you would like to take your own 4WD onto the beachfront, see here for permit details. For an idea of what to expect, check out the You Tube clip below from Port Stephens 4WD Tours.

3/ Look for Whales

The whale watching season is between May to November each year, with 25,000 whales that make their way up the coastline to warmer waters and then return back down in the later months - some with baby calves in tow. Port Stephens is a popular place to look for whales as the warmer waters around the beaches and bays provide protection for whales, and those with calves who may need to rest or take it slower. The two most common whales are the Humpback Whale and Southern Right Whale . There are many vantage points along the coast to look for them (see the article Top 5 Lookouts in Nelson Bay for ideas), with many areas having whale watching binoculars to look for them, for $2 a turn.

4/ Learn to Surf

If you have ever wanted to learn to surf, then you can't beat this location for views and surf breaks to practice on. Port Stephens Surf School have surfing lessons in four locations along the coast - One Mile Beach, Birubi Beach, Fingal Bay Beach and Dutchman's Beach. Choose between private lessons to get you on your feet, or a group lesson so you can tackle the basics with friends. See here for details and give them a call to find out when they will be at Birbubi Beach next.

5/ The Kiosk and Crest Cafe

You can't have stunning scenery, whale watching, sand dune activities and hundreds of people visiting the beach each day, without a beach kiosk for burgers, chips, ice-blocks, coffees and cold drinks. The Kiosk is particularly popular however, with delicious coffee and huge burgers that are hard to get your teeth around and keep you going back for more! The Kiosk is run by Crest Café next door, which is a scenic café with modern décor and views straight out over the water. This is another location along the coastline where you can look for whales from your table, whilst enjoying fresh, seasonal fare. See here for details.

If you are visiting the Port Stephens region, you can't leave without checking out all the fun things to do at Birubi Beach, Anna Bay. Even if you don't want to go sand boarding or try one of the adventure activities, it is simply a spectacular place to look over the coastline, walk along the beach, go fishing off the rocks or look for whales out to sea. It may take awhile to walk the 32 kilometres of the entire beach towards Newcastle, but if you are feeling energetic, it is a pleasant walk for as far as you go - you will probably spot a camel or two on your travels. Why don't you check it out today, or this weekend? You will be talking about it long after you have hopped back in your car with sandy feet, and headed on home...

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