Top 40 Ways to Make Money From Home

Top 40 Ways to Make Money From Home


Posted 2020-08-18 by Lesley Mitchellfollow
Having a bit of extra cash is always handy and with a lot of people losing their income due to lockdown, it has never been more relevant than ever in looking at the top ways to make money during COVID-19 lockdown. Here are a few suggestions that may assist to give you some ideas to earn some extra income.

  • Please note that the author of this article offers these as suggestions only and it is up to each individual person to work out whether these suggestions will work for them and the associated legal and taxation liabilities.

  • 1. Clean out your clutter and sell on eBay.

    It's no surprise that most of us statistically have approximately $5000 worth of items that we don't actually need that could be sold on eBay or Facebook marketplace. With the introduction of mobile phone technology, it is super easy to list on these sites now with an average item taking less than one minute to photograph and list directly.

    Some ladies that I was assisting recently were absolutely amazed to find that the baby clothes (which their children had now grown out of), when sold in a bulk lot on eBay, fetched on average around $95 per bulk lot. These are items that were simply taking up space in their house as the children had grown out of them. One of the tricks here is to list them as a bulk lot.

    But baby clothes are not the only things in high demand, any brand-name products generally fetch good prices on eBay. More than ever, during lockdown, things that you may not have received good prices for previously are doing extremely well in online trading, including jigsaw puzzles and colouring books. eBay is a great place to sell almost anything.

    2. Begin a YouTube channel:

    If you have something you are passionate about it is a sure thing that somebody else is going to be interested in your area of expertise. If I asked you to speak about something which you had no knowledge about, you would not be particularly passionate about it. However, if I asked you to talk about your favourite hobby, you would probably find that you could rattle on for an hour or more about all the ins and outs of your interest.

    It's a sure thing that if you have an interest in it, no matter how obscure it is, somebody else will also have an interest in it and whilst it may take a little while to build up an audience, you just may find a niche market that can be monetised quite nicely through YouTube.

    3. Build a website:

    These days with platforms like Shopify, it has never been easier to build a website on your own. Generally, you can even get a 30-day free trial and even if you've never done it before, these platforms make it so easy to use that you can have a website up and running in next to no time. Perfect to build your quirky interest into a business.

    4. Online tutoring:

    If you are clever in a chosen field, there has never been a better time to offer this to children and adults alike online or using programs such as zoom or FaceTime. With so many children now studying from home, parents are clamouring for tutors to assist them with keeping their work up to speed. Many other people are looking for a new hobby or interest that you could teach them right from your own lounge room.

    5. Sell a service that you have become an expert in:

    With sites like fiverr , you're now able to go online and offer your services, such as logo design or freelance writing and people will actually pay you for the services. Getting started is relatively easy by just creating an account and then offering your special services.

    6. Sell your photographs:

    Maybe it's time to clean out all your computer hard drive of some special photographs that you've taken. If you are allowed out of lockdown for recreation, take a camera with you and take some photographs. With sites like Alamy , you can now get things listed online and they will do all the hard work, selling the photographs for you for a small commission.

    7. Narrate audiobooks:

    Did you know that currently only 5% of all books get converted into audiobooks and many businesses are looking for people to narrate their books into audiobooks? If you have a pleasant speaking voice you might find quite a bit of lucrative work in converting books into audiobooks. Sites include The Voice Realm , Upwork and
    Freelancer .

    8. Applying for work at some of the major supermarkets:

    Although it seems peculiar, many of the major supermarkets and department stores are so overwhelmed with work at the moment that many of them are actually seeking new staff.

    9. Get paid to write:

    Many websites will allow you to work from home including doing writing on various topics (like this one). If you've always dreamt about becoming a writer, lockdown could be the perfect time to start. Whilst a lot of the websites and writing jobs don't pay a large amount of money, there are somewhere you can make reasonable money by creating high-quality content for them to get you started - perhaps look up some of the following sites: WeekendNotes , Listverse , Longreads , Back2college , All Pet Voices , iWorkWell , Loaded Landcapes , Income Diary and A Fine Parent .

    10. Become a virtual assistant:

    With so many people needing to work from home, many are becoming overwhelmed with the amount of work that they need to get completed in a day. From advanced bookkeeping, right through to simple email replies. There are many businesses that are now seeking virtual assistance. There are also virtual assistant websites including Virtalent and 24/7 Virtual Assistants .

    11. Get creative:

    If you're the sort of person that just loves to create things, maybe it's the perfect time to turn your hobby into extra income. Perhaps you could make your own jewellery or turn your photographs into handmade gift cards. Green thumb? Plant succulents and turn them into lovely little terrariums. Sites like Facebook have made it super easy to sell these things online but it's probably also worthwhile checking out eBay or Etsy .

    Remember to have a look for similar items to what you are offering and see what prices they are getting to work out whether it's worthwhile creating in the first place. Of course, if you just like creating and have free time on your hands, then any amount of money could be a little bonus.

    12. Take some online surveys:

    There are many different surveys online these days that will pay you for your time. You can even do this job while you are watching television or listening to the radio. They will pay various amounts and some of them will only offer gift vouchers, however a lot of them or offer payouts directly into your bank account or via PayPal.

    The amount of money you earn may not be earthshattering, with some as low as five cents and others up to $20. Most of them probably being on the lower end, however, I guess it all adds up and you could get started with sites that include Prolific , Swag-bucks , Life points , Paid Surveys , Toluna and
    Aussie Paid Surveys .
    13. Rent out your driveway:

    If you happen to have spare space around your house and you live in a busy area or possibly even near the city, you may not be needing your car space so much at the moment if your car is already parked in the garage. The need for parking may have greatly increased in your area, so check the local rates and see if you could be sitting on a little gold mine for next to nothing.

    This has become so popular recently that there are websites dedicated to making it easy to find people who are looking for parking places including doing most of the admin and managing your income stream. You could look up websites like Spacer and Parkey . Please doublecheck that your household insurance covers you for rentals before you decide whether this is a good fit for you.

    14. Rent out your car:

    If you are no longer requiring your car due to not working from a different location so often and possibly public transport service in your area has gone down to barebones. There may be many people requiring a car that cannot afford to make the larger purchases. Of course, it is incredibly important to make sure that your insurance will cover you for this and of course, it is important to follow disinfectant requirements if the rental is being returned to you. As such, it is very important to weigh up the risks involved with this moneymaking venture.

    15: Make masks:

    If you're handy with a sewing machine, this is one item that is in high demand at the moment and all you need to do is mention on your local Facebook page that you have them available. Even some of the local shops may take them from you. There are many people making hundreds of masks today at home and making good money from them at the moment. Look up articles on WeekendNotes to find some instructions.

    16. Affiliate marketing:

    If you already have a website up and running you can opt-in for affiliate marketing by allowing various companies to place web links on your site. When visitors to your site click on the link and then purchase products or services from the affiliate websites you will receive a royalty payment. Remember to never pay for affiliate links. Some to look at include Commission Factory ,
    My lead , Rakuten Linkshare and Shareasale

    17. Language translations:

    If you happen to know a language other than English, this might help you to earn some additional income. For many people who do not speak different languages, the task of translating from one to the other for their documents can be incredibly time-consuming and they will reach out to people anywhere in the world that can assist them.
    There are many websites that will now offer translation projects and these may include Freelancer , Fiverr , Upwork and Gengo .

    18. Get rewards and cash backs while you're shopping:

    Many rewards and cashback options exist from bank accounts through to grocery shopping. Flybuys and other rewards programs will give you actual cash back towards your shop or allow you to trade in your points for rewards. If you have an Altitude Rewards card, check what your balance currently is. You may be able to redeem it for supermarket shopping cards or department stores or perhaps put it towards that new set of frying pan's that you've been wanting to get.

    19. Test websites:

    Many companies and businesses are now requiring their website to be tested as to whether they are user-friendly. They are looking for opinions from different audiences and can pay anywhere between $5 to $90 per test, directly into your PayPal account. Some sites that will offer website testing services include User Testing , Userlytics ,
    Try my UI and Userfeel .

    You don't need to be an expert necessarily in any chosen field, many of these websites are just looking to see how the everyday person is able to interact with them and how easily they can manoeuvre through the website and appreciate your experiences.

    20. Content writing:

    Many online platforms will look for people to work on articles that have specific guidelines. If you develop a specialised niche in your area of expertise you can even anchor yourself in chosen platforms thus increasing your income.

    21. Get paid to stay fit:

    Now, this sounds like an amazing offer, that you can actually get paid by losing weight? However, there is a company called My Achievement which will interface with various fitness apps and give you points for using them and staying healthy whilst taking surveys on meditation or exercise. As you earn points, you will actually get physically paid for doing so.

    22. Transcribe audio:

    For many people, transcribing audio has been a long-term job from home. It will play average award wages and depending on how quickly you can transcribe will define the pay per hour worked. As people are moving more and more towards online video content there is a higher demand for transcription services. Although speech to text software is getting better, which can make this a more difficult area to break into, there are websites to get you started which include GoTranscript and
    Transcribe Me .

    23. Become a blogger:

    Once again. if you have an area of expertise or a hobby that you are particularly interested in, you can turn this into an income through blogging. There are two ways that you can begin this. You can either use a host such as WordPress or Tumblr or you could go for a self hosted blog. In order to turn this into an income, you will need to monetise your blogs through product reviews or advertisement.

    For many people, this can take a very long time to begin to monetise, so it would be best if you had an interest in the blogs that you were writing about, however, if you have time on your hands it all helps.

    24. Delivery driving:

    During lockdown, many people are ordering in everything, from food to shopping and there is a huge demand for delivery drivers at the moment. You would have to weigh up the risk to your own health by delivering to many areas, however, it is a viable financial option at the moment depending on the location that you are in.

    25. Publish a kindle book

    Did you know that last year Amazon paid over $300 million to self published authors on the Kindle platform. Whilst it may be a little bit difficult to break into, if you have managed to build a following or you have a burning book within you that you can't wait to get out, this may be a great option for you. The entry point is relatively inexpensive and you can decide how much you to charge for your books. Once up and running, you will simply see a deposit in your bank account every month.

    26. Become a video game coach:

    If you love nothing better than playing video games all day, you can possibly monetise your expertise, particularly if you have valuable tips that can assist other people to move easily through the gaming experience.

    27. Investing and trading:

    Whilst there can be a lot of money to be made during various investments or trading options, many people do not know where to start. Getting a broker on board to help you start out could be a terrific way to begin your investment journey. It is a really unique time to begin this journey as certain markets are expected to rise rapidly whilst others are expected to crash.

    There are even simple apps that will invest your spare change for you. Of course, with this area, you would need to weigh up your risks and possibly get some professional advice.

    28. Consider a clickworker:

    There is a site called Clickworker which offers basic wages in various tasks including recording audio or categorisation. All of these can be done from home and there is a reasonably wide variety of choices available.

    29. Listen to music:

    Slice the Pie is the website that will pay you to listen to 90 seconds of a track of music and review it. As you become better, you'll develop a higher star rating which increases your pay rate. Whilst it takes quite a long time to build up enough money to withdraw, it might be a fun activity to undertake during lockdown or your quiet times which slowly adds to your income.

    30. Walk some dogs:

    If you would love to get a bit more exercise and you like dogs, then perhaps this could be a terrific option to add some income. These days, most people are doing more walking with their dogs than ever before, however, some people would prefer not to walk them and other people are still working and require Dogwalkers. You can set your own time and do it through the week or weekends. There are websites available where you can offer your services but possibly the best way of doing this is through your local Facebook groups.

    31. Be a seller on Amazon:

    Amazon allows the opportunity of drop shipping; which is basically buying items in bulk and then shipping them to Amazon and have them sell them for you. This is called FBA or fulfilment by Amazon, whilst it's not widely used in Australia, Amazon does have the option like eBay of allowing you to ship your own items. This could be a better idea right now, particularly if you know the item is popular as drop shipping times particularly from overseas might vary greatly and take several months at the moment causing great problems.

    32. Build a secondhand store online:

    With so much time on your hands, cleaning out your cupboards might be on your cards anyway and even better if it can generate some income for you. With stores like Depop , you can now offer your secondhand clothing, especially vintage or antiques.

    Handmade jewellery and accessories are always popular and you never know, that old dress that you've been hanging onto since the 1950s could now be worth a fortune as a retro vintage outfit.

    33. Tell the world your story:

    Perhaps you've had some interesting experiences in your life, many magazines and websites will now pay to hear about your story. Whether you've done an amazing weight loss journey or perhaps experienced something quite dramatic. Websites including Real People Mag , We Buy Stories and FeatureMe! on Facebook can pay very handsomely for these types of stories. If you have a true real life story, celebrity tip or celebrity photos to sell, you can apply to Fame Game or Make The Press .

    34. Solve problems for other businesses:

    Many businesses now need outside assistance to improve their products, which is where people like yourself may come in. You will need detailed knowledge of this subject and a unique approach to it, however, if you can come up with an amazing solution to a problem that a business is having, you can earn huge money for this solution. Websites, including InnoCentive , will list current challenges and you can apply your solution to them to see if it is accepted.

    35. Sponsored posts:

    If you happen to have just a few thousand followers on Instagram or a good social media following, certain brands will hire you to show their products. You can get bonuses, including free products which you can then write about and sell, or if you prefer, just keep them as a bonus for yourself. However many companies will also offer to physically pay you for highlighting their business products. Of course, the larger your following, the more interest you are to these companies, however, if you're new to this you could begin by approaching smaller brands.Just as a side note here, if you have a particular style, make sure that the brands are in alignment with your integrity.

    36. Be a willing participant in psychological experiments:

    When you first hear about this it sounds quite scary thinking of the terrible things that took place in the 1970s, however, these days these tests are quite different. From online questionnaires through to watching and tracking your eye movements whilst you are looking at paintings.Universities often recruit students to do these tests however with lockdown, the option to join in is now open to non-students as well. Check your local colleges and universities to see if this is an option for you.

    37. Enquire about Government schemes and plans:

    Right across Australia, a number of government relief plans have been announced, particularly for people who are experiencing financial hardship due to the lockdown. Whilst this is not necessarily included in this list as an additional income, it is definitely worth looking at to see if you are eligible for any of these rebates. Begin by looking up all of your local options and making sure that you're taking advantage of everything that you're eligible for. If you really need to make up for some lost income, this is an essential first step.

    You can find a full list of what you're eligible for HERE -

    38. Rent out your storage space:

    With more people working from home due to social isolation, Australians are looking for more storage space with a large increase in people wanting to rent somewhere to keep their furniture or large belongings while they are at home. Online websites including Spacer has seen a massive rise in Storage Bookings

    39. Work from home jobs:

    If you would like to actually begin working for somebody else but do it from home, it can be difficult to find out where to find a job either in your local area or online, however, this website will assist to connect you with a wide variety of jobs that are available that you can do from your home.

    40. List your services on Airtasker:

    It seems like more than ever we want to get everything finished around our house whilst we are in lockdown. Whilst social distancing and various lockdown rules must apply in certain areas, you can move within different suburbs in some cases and whether you are skilled in putting together a trampoline or setting up a cubby house for kids. Perhaps your skills lie in sewing up a dress or taking up the hem of a pair of jeans. Maybe more to the point during iso-lockdown, would be inserting stretchy waist bands into previously tight clothing. It seems Airtasker has been flooded with requests for a variety of different work during the pandemic.

    Please note this list is for entertainment and suggestions only. You must research thoroughly the pros and cons of each suggestion and also check for local legalities and requirements in your personal area.

    Over to you, do you have any great suggestions for earning money from home? Please use the comments box below this article to share your thoughts and suggestions with us.

    %%Is there is something that has jumped out at you as fantastic we would love to hear your thoughts.

    It is your responsibility to ensure that everything that you are undertaking is completely legal in your area and does not put you in any form of risk.This article does not accept responsibility for any choices you make and the information is given purely as suggestions for entertainment.

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