The Top 2 Sandwiches in Sydney

The Top 2 Sandwiches in Sydney


Posted 2012-05-30 by Stephaniefollow
I thought I had it all worked out. The best cure for a hangover, or just for shear lethargy. Sunday morning and a good sleep in, needing breakfast, but its lunchtime? We decide to go to Tropicana Cafe and have the best sandwich in Sydney.

Tropicana Caffe - 227 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst.

My Number One: Braccio Di Ferro (on Turkish for me). Mortadella, spinach, boiled egg, mayonnaise, provolone cheese. I promise you will love it. It Goes down deliciously with a latte or your favourite beverage. Definitely eat it while it's hot.

Last weekend my husband threw a spanner in the works. I wanted the best sandwich in Sydney on Sunday, and we had already been to Tropicana Cafe on Saturday. So instead we were off to the Sun Cafe at Bondi.

Sun Cafe - Shop 1, 27 Blair Street, Bondi Beach

My new Number One? Breakfast Baguette Special (on wholemeal baguette for me). Two fried eggs, bacon, spinach and roasted tomato in a freshly baked baguette with aioli. There is a juice bar attached to cafe, however again mine went down deliciously with a latte. It was a little messy, but so good.

The best thing is both sandwiches are served all day. So for those of you who love to have a sleep in and often miss the breakfast menu, you are in luck my friends.

Now I just cannot choose, these are both the best sandwiches in Sydney, hands down.

If I had to choose it would depend on the weather. Yes, the weather. If it's cold and windy, head down to Darlinghurst and sit inside Tropicana Caffe. It's noisy and bustling, but at the same time warm and relaxing. The perfect place to read the Sunday paper.

If the sun is out, take the trip to Bondi and grab an outdoor table in the sun at Sun Cafe. Be aware that it's a popular place on weekends, however an available table shouldn't take more than a couple minutes or so.

So, at the end of the day I guess I highly recommend both. If I find another I will let you know.

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