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Recently opened at the Churchill Centre Food Court, specialises in serving a wide variety of dishes based on the Japanese breaded pork cutlet dish of the same name. With the opening of , Churchill Centre now houses three of our favourite Asian eating places. The others are Ricky's Malaysian Kitchen and Fresh Chomp .

If you are having trouble deciding on what to get from , a display showcasing life-like plastic versions of most of their dishes allows you to see what their dishes look like. Generous enough to be shared with a friend if you so desire, the fried prawns, pork fillet and chicken breast in their Fried Prawn, Pork Fillet and Chicken Breast Combo set all had lovely crispy brown coatings with the pork cutlet having a slightly sweet taste. None of the coatings of the meat ingredients were oily either, a sign that they were freshly prepared. All three fried elements were served on a wire rack to maintain their crispness. To complete the experience, you can dip the pork into the sauce provided to heighten its flavour.

Compared to the pork fillet cutlet, the pork loin cutlet used in the Pork Loin Cutlet Donburi had a small layer of fat to give a slightly moister texture. The egg mixture topping the dish had a light and fluffy texture and the distinctive flavour that is typical of Katsudon.

For something a bit more unusual, you can consider the Chicken Breast & Fried Prawn Donburi. Both the chicken and prawn were done as well as the ones in the Fried Prawns, Pork Fillet and Chicken Breast Set and the egg topping tied everything together. Most of their dishes come accompanied with miso soup, pickles and a cabbage salad which you dress yourself. This is to ensure that the cabbage shreds remain crisp.

Aside from their dishes, the place also offers a selection of smaller dishes which are great for a snack. While we thought the Karaage was a bit ordinary and unlike the ones we tasted in Japan, the Okonomiyaki Skewer was very enjoyable to eat with the same flavour you expect from its namesake. The Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Croquettes were also well done, with the soft interiors contrasting perfectly with the crisp coating.

The food court provides plenty of seating space and there is an abundance of parking space in the Churchill Centre's food court. If you are looking for delicious hot Japanese food consider giving a try.

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