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Fri 01 Mar 2019 - Thu 28 Nov 2019

[SECTION]Tom Duffy's - The Greatest Irish Show[/SECTION]

Tom Duffy's Circus has been delighting Irish audiences since the 1860s and their 2019 show is wonderful. We saw the matinee show in Cavan, but Duffy's travels the length and breadth of Ireland between March and November, so there are many chances to see them. With a variety of hi-tech wizardry and good old fashioned circus skills, it is a wonderful experience. Tickets are well worth it, at 14-20 Euros, depending on where in the big top you choose to sit.

[SECTION]Death-Defying Motorbike Madness and Superb Juggling![/SECTION]

Armed with flashing glow sticks and popcorn bought from kiosks around the tent, the show began. Our favourite acts could not have been more different. For sheer skill and bravery, the five (yes, FIVE) motorbike cage of death act was mesmerising. The cage even split in two, so that the bikes could race on two levels.

Next came a gifted juggler riding a motorbike, who juggled with five clubs at dizzying speed, and then successfully juggled seven balls. All in time to music, too!

[SECTION]Classic clowning and Brazilian Trapeze Artists[/SECTION]

The circus also has some old favourites, and among these were the Brazilian trapeze artists. They performed some superb catches and somersaults at breakneck speed. The most daring of these was even performed blindfolded!

The children in the audience loved the clowns, who held the space beautifully with their inflatable suits and slapstick comedy. Here's a shot of a brilliant bodybuilding act:

[SECTION]Classic Showmanship[/SECTION]

This is a family run show, with three generations of the Duffy family still very much involved in the show. Hearing about the lives and achievements of some of the performers was a moving experience, and made the show even more enjoyable. Duffy's circus has a proud and successful history, that they are keen to share with others:

We were amazed and astounded by the show finale, which involved two third-generation Duffy's in circular cages, spinning around on a pivoting steel arm. They performed leaps, somersaults and jumps, and displayed a mastery of timing and agility. It was a superb finale.

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