Tivoli Road Bakery

Tivoli Road Bakery


Posted 2018-07-06 by Felicityfollow
It would be far too easy to go here every day, Well, perhaps I almost do.

Tivoli Road is in a peaceful leafy street. It is lovely to watch the autumn leaves caressed by the breeze as they float past the window. You need to get here early, before the lunch rush when the pastries are fresh and abundant.

Everything here is straight from the oven, it is the only place worth buying toast. Their bread excellence is marked by the Tivoli Road recipe book 'The Tivoli Road Baker', devoted to artisan sourdough.

You can read and try for yourself the care put into your eventual eye widening, mouth-watering crunch. The loaves have a sour zing, their fibres stretch fascinatingly. A well-developed loaf.

With an appearance like honeycomb, one slice is the perfect crunchy, spongy texture to soak up butter and honey. If you want a takeaway baguette there is stiff competition, just too many people know how good this place is.

If you come with a friend, convince them to order a lemon curd doughnut. You can place it between you as a pot and share toast with lemony heaven.

The croissants here have a puff pastry texture that dissolves in your mouth. The quality of the butter prickles your taste buds and the perfectly balanced raspberry jam has the quality of that made in a grandma's kitchen.

The coffee has a dessert like flavour and the chai latte has delicate notes of French-style comb honey. All drinks are cream, leaving you slightly thirsty for more. It is that perfect amount that you can savour while it's hot, not too much that you cannot drink it all before it is cold.

There is sparkling or still water to cleanse your palate and delicious fruit sodas that are beautifully refreshing on a warm summer's day.

They are known for their sausage rolls, pies, generous sandwiches and during Easter, the best hot cross buns in Melbourne. It is actually hard to figure out what they are not known for. Their morning bun is cinnamon on toast taken to heady heights.

The weekend is a nightmare as there is such high demand. When it is sleepy early, you are more free to dreamily linger over your treat. Lots of designer dogs wag past the window and the environment is always friendly, leaving you warm inside.

It is located just past the Palace Cinema Como towards Toorak, around the corner from the service station. The street sign of the road name has a tinge of fame about it.

This weekend they are hosting Artisan Baker Dan Leapard . His book on bread '' The Handmade Loaf ' is next to ' The Tivoli Road Baker ' book in the nearby Sth Yarra Library. I have read both of them longing to taste the pictures but never maintaining the patience to nurture my sourdough culture into a successful loaf.

As a child, I have fond memories of my Grandma's homemade bread. She got the recipe from my uncle, an avid master baker, but Grandma's always turned out slightly different. It had that something extra... perhaps it was her love and generous spirit baked into every loaf.

The food you eat in childhood infuses with your memories and the years wrap this taste in mythic perfection. At Tivoli Road, you can recapture in reality what was just a distant exaggerated dream. It is their traditional, close to home method and passion that allows them to recreate this taste.

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