Tiverton Circuit

Tiverton Circuit


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Tiverton Circuit in Mooroolbark (Melway map 38. B.12) is only 500 metres in length, but runs north, south, east and west.

It runs off Taylor Road, crossing a small creek running parallel to Taylor Road with a small reserve.

The area is newly developed with modern housing and small front yards. The circuit is undulating with the southern section being quite steep. Some blocks in the steep sections have retaining front walls. The most interesting was a stone one.

Another interesting wall was a plain grey one with creeper starting to take over.

Most gardens were established but still growing. Yucca plants were numerous in many gardens.

Cabbage tree palms were another popular choice by many gardeners. A row of six medium-sized trees almost formed a front fence.

Many gardens had colourful displays of flowers, with roses being the most numerous. An interesting comparison was a display of of a standard rose bush and one seemingly not cared for.

Low-growing plants, such as the fast-growing convolvulus ground cover, were in landscaped areas, as were a blossoming display of snapdragons.

Only one garden had daisies.

Another rarity was garden ornaments. Only two sighted. A small orb and a cement duck.

No birds were observed on this walk, possibly because of the lack of established trees in gardens. One crapemyrtle tree was in flower as were some budding magnolias. A group of iris flowers were not fully opened.

A sunshine cone bush exhibited its usual colourful leaves. Two varieties of salvia were seen.
An echeveria genus plant, a hydrangea plant in an urn and an interesting branch were spotted.

Only one walker was seen, a young lady walking her boxer dog.

A few residents were gardening and children playing in their front yard.

An unusual pair of flowering garlic plants were a ball flower head mouse garlic and a society garlic.

Another unusual sighting was a cat, sitting in a driveway watching my every move.

A final trio of flowers were a kangaroo paw, pig ears and a brilliant begonia.

A short, but interesting walk.

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