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Sat 08 Apr 2017 - Sun 04 Feb 2018

A visit to is an enlightening experience.

See what it would have been like to be a passenger on board of the Titanic and unearth some of the intriguing stories that will be shared at the exhibition. But hurry because the exhibition will close on February 4th 2018, so you only have a few weeks left!

Before you enter the exhibition, you are handed a boarding pass with a passenger's name, their class and their cabin number along with other details including age, occupation and marital status. Later on in the tour, you can check to see if your passenger survived the voyage.

Have a photo taken of you while you stand on a recreation of the famous front balcony of the ship (from the famous scene of the Titanic movie where Leonardo DiCaprio convinces Kate Winslet to climb onto the rail). If you want a printed copy of the balcony photo, you will have to pay.

As you move into the exhibition, you will see a recreation of an old door and hallway that led through the cabins on the ship. Walk through the hallway into the rest of the exhibition.

Hundreds of artefacts from the ship are found within the first few rooms. These artefacts have been restored and preserved for over 100 years. Some of these items include silverware and dining plates for first, second and third class passengers as well as pots, jewellery, clothing and the personal belongings of passengers such as spectacles.

Archival footage of the ship plays from room to room and you can also watch and listen to documentaries in various spaces of the exhibition. It's quite an interactive experience that allows you to hear intriguing stories of the ship's history.

When making a booking, it is recommended that you allow 90 minutes to explore the exhibition. But you could easily spend two hours inside the exhibition because there is a lot to see especially inside the first few rooms of the exhibition.

As you move along into the next few spaces, you will see recreations of what a first class, second class and third class cabin looked like.

But there is no grander feeling than gazing upon the recreation of the grand stairway on the ship. You can even take a photo on the grand stairway on your own camera and have the image as a memento of the experience. Stare in awe of the classical design of the ceiling above the staircase.

Moving past recreations of the third class rooms, you will then walk into a recreation of the Engine and Boiler Room. Here you can learn the kinds of conditions that workers faced in the depths of the ship.

But the recreations don't just stop at showcasing the interior of the ship. Visitors will also walk into a recreation of the outer deck of the ship. A string of white lights that resemble night stars will dazzle you as you move along the outer deck into the next space.

Learn about the sad fate of the Titanic in the next room and stand in front of a steering wheel as you look upon a replica of the iceberg that sank the ship.

Gaze upon a recreation of the wreckage site of the ship in the next room and learn about the efforts that were taken to locate the site and to gather information about the ship. You can also see what it was like to dive into the wreckage site with a Virtual Reality experience.

Look upon the names of those who lost their lives on that fateful night in 1912 in the Memorial Gallery. With the boarding pass that is provided to you at the beginning of the exhibition, you can check to see if your passenger survived from a list of names on a large wooden board.

The exhibition ends with a space dedicated to displaying props and items from the Titanic movie. These items include costumes, the famous necklace that Rose dropped into the water at the end of the film and many more.

If you feel like purchasing a gift or a souvenir once you complete the exhibition, there is a gift shop located near the exit of the Byron Kennedy Hall for you to explore.

And if you find yourself to be hungry by the end of the exhibition, there are also a number of restaurants and cafes in the Moore Park Entertainment Quarter between the Byron Kennedy Hall (which is the exhibition venue) and the main carpark. Click here to see a list of eateries in the area.

A visit to is sure to be a fascinating and educational experience for all visitors and it's a great place to take the kids during the school holidays. But the exhibition will only open for a couple of weeks, so don't let this opportunity slip away!

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