Tips for a Perfect Beach Day

Tips for a Perfect Beach Day


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Running across the sand and laughing as it squeaks, jumping over and wading in knee deep waves, breathing in the air and exhaling with calm gesture are just some of the things you love doing when going to the beach!

The salty breeze and humble waves inspire the endorphins to fill your blood, causing only happiness. What part of that isn't awesome?

It is common knowledge that a lot of people...well, they absolutely hate the beach! Sure, Ill give them credit for the sand that waddles its way into the strangest places under your clothes, and the occasional eye-sting from the salt water - but they are small prices to pay for having an amazing trip to the ocean. Bringing half the beach home in your underpants is half the fun!

Call me a hippy, call me a spiritual monkey, call me whatever you like, but I will always stick by the fact that the beach is the perfect destination for bonding with family, or even bonding with yourself.

And if you don't like that idea, maybe go ahead and read my tips anyway. I know a lot of you are afraid of going to the beach for the fact that it can be hassle, the sand is messy, or the beach is just TOO hot.

Well, read on! It may change your opinion, and show you how to avoid all that hassle and mess.


- Don't go to the beach in the middle of the day when the sun is hot, the beach is crowded and kids are screaming for ice-cream - trust me.

- Don't go to an overcrowded beach (like Surfers Paradise), unless you're totally cool with having the occasional under-dressed (very underdressed) beach-goer accidentally brush past you.

- If you're really looking to relax, try to steer away from people who kick sand, or avoid kicking sand yourself. Sand in the underpants is fine, but sand in the eyes will end up in a trip to the ER.

- Don't forget sunscreen! How relaxing is it looking, and yes, feeling like a crab? Not very.

- Don't bring beach-haters to the beach with you - they will just complain the whole time and ruin your relaxing day. Just sit them in a nearby café, or tell them to wait in the car. Or better yet, leave them at home!

TIP 2: What time of day?

When going to Broadbeach, I have found with experience that leaving for the beach just after lunch (when the sun is slowly moving away, and when the air is cooler), and leaving at around 4pm are the best times to visit the beach.

Firstly, there are a lot less people in the beach-going crowd, and the waves are a lot more calmer. Not only this, but the water is warmer, and the air feels cleaner - you'll feel renewed at that time in the afternoon.

But, if you're an early bird, unlike myself, you can leave as early as 6am and leave before the sun gets too hot (before 9am).

Also watch out for when the life guards are on duty - usually around 8 - as that's the safest time to swim!

TIP 3: Be Prepared - Sunscreen! Towels! Water!

Being prepared is the most important part of going to the beach - whether you have a lot of kids, or a lot of electronics, it's important to be safe, and to be prepared. See below for some great tips and tricks for your next trip to the beach!

- Store electronics in plastic bags, and hide valuables well:
Under no circumstance should you EVER dig a hole, drop your keys in and pat it back over with more sand. You may end up losing your keys, and having them sent back to you because they later washed up in Mexico. Just bring a few zip-lock bags, pop your valuables inside and put it into a water-proof bag. This will help you have a stress-free day and a debt-free conscience.

- Buy the right sunscreen: Getting the right sunscreen type for your skin is very important. Again, how relaxing is it looking and feeling like a crab? Not very. Experts recommend nothing less than SPF 30 and putting it on every hour.

- Bring first-aid and avoid jellyfish! Just because there are bottles of vinegar near the lifeguard station, does not mean that it's totally fine to go and swim with jellyfish.

Jellyfish are poisonous and can kill you - and if not kill you, they can harm you and that beautiful skin of yours. And don't forget to bring a small first-aid kit in case you run into the occasional sharp shell or on-shore jellyfish.

- Bring beach snacks and avoid F&C Pack some light snacks, like nuts and plain potato chips when you go to the beach. Avoid buying Fish and Chips, as the oily and fatty feeling will make you feel bloated and you wont be able to run across the sand, and do all the activities you had planned for the day. Not to mention, if you have kids, it will make them happier and healthier. Light snacks are perfect if you're being super energetic on the day and don't want to stop for a full meal - beach snacks for the win!

- Lastly, HAVE FUN! Loosen up! Run on the beach, and if you're usually not that energetic, go for a little swim with the kids, or hold hands with your partner and go for a stroll. Just remember to have fun, relax, and sit back! The beach is a fun place, meant for play and time-out. Take your kids, let your teenager bring a friend, have some fun times together. Build sandcastles, and do whatever it is you enjoy.

Then, when its all over, go have a relaxing bath, and have even more fun digging out the sand that has crammed itself into the unusual places that it does.

Just have fun, okay?

Whatever it is, make sure you're bonding with yourself, and with your family, and don't let anyone or anything hold you back from having a great day. Relax, breathe, chill out and let everything fall into place!

Let us know in the comments if you have any tips or tricks for going to the beach, or simply any feedback on the article.

Have a wonderful day, everybody!

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