Top 5 Tips for Couch Potato Olympics

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Posted 2012-08-12 by Julia Svoicefollow
While we wave goodbye to Phase 1 of London 2012 and welcome the Paralympics, some of us, me included, have had more than our healthy share of Couch Potato Olympics.

Sport is such a great thing, isn't it? So active, alive, energetic and exciting. I'm not sure though that the Armchair Olympics 'practiced' while sitting on our bottoms quite cuts it.

You know the drill: hours wasted glued to the box; snacking on all sorts of unmentionables; and staying up late for that next exciting final that the commentators have us believing will change our lives – even if we forget all about it within 24 hours.

Whether it's the biggest sporting event on the global calendar or general couch potato-ness, it can all quickly add up to too many kilos and too many tummy rolls.

The good news is that it's actually possible to get fit while watching TV. Here are:

5 Top Tips to Trimming Tummies and Keeping Fit – without switching the TV off.

1. Strike unhealthy, fattening foods from the shopping list. If they're not in the house, you can't eat them. Wander through your local health food shop – or favourite fruit and veg store that matter – for alternatives.

2. Practice your pelvic floors. Girls, you probably already know how, but here's a reminder . Guys, don't think you're getting out of it. You need pelvic floor exercises too.

3. Jog on the spot during every ad break. Add that up over a week and you'll get some really good workout time in.

4. Trim tummies, bottoms and thighs on an inexpensive exercise bike. Set up some cycling challenges with the family to get everyone involved and keep your motivation up.

5. Replace munches with crunches. Keeping fit basically boils down to eating less and burning more energy. Tummy crunches are terrific. Aim a little higher each time and watch your confidence increase and your waistline decrease.

If that sounds like hard work, no fear. Wellness expert Kathi Casey has the answer to our prayers – advice on how to get fit without getting off the couch. Gotta love that. Check out her video . If you need a little extra helping hand, a small investment into her fabulous book,
Get Off The Couch, Potato ,
makes for a very wise
investment into a healthier, happier life.

On that note, did you know that laughter helps burn calories - and keep chin numbers to a healthy one - by making your heart rate rise?

Take a look at the lighter (pardon the pun) side to couch potato fitness with:

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