Tiny Concerts Series: A meditative journey in sound beyond time featuring international composer violinist Rupert Guenther

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Posted 2022-09-30 by Vanessafollow

Sat 22 Oct 2022 - Sat 25 Mar 2023

[BREAK]Come along to the Tiny Concerts Series: a series of six new and original concerts by international composer violinist Rupert Guenther that weave both the earthly and ethereal world-music sounds and influences of old Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Asia, in the way of the troubadours and minstrels over thousands of years.This series commences on Saturday 22 October 2022 and runs until Saturday 25 March 2023.& #8232 ;& #8232 ;"The sounds of the violin have been heard in the temples, mosques, palaces, monasteries and cathedrals of many civilisations, way before music was ever written down or concert halls existed," says Rupert. "I was really changed by what I experienced in my travels through other lands, whether in the serene quiet of a temple in Japan, or at a concert on a raft floating on a lake in the Himalayas under the light of a full moon, the yearning in the prayers from the local mosque in a village in Kashmir, Russian gypsies playing music on the streets in Prague, or the sound of a church organ in an 11th century Austrian church. These sounds are really timeless, they touch deeply into our collective memory, of a place of sacredness with the earth and the cosmos."Music as a very personal meditative journey has been part of every culture since time immemorial. The very nature of it is highly suited to small venues - such as it was heard in back in ancient times in a cave, ravine or small temple. I think these up-close-and-personal ways of experiencing music are a very unique way to connect with these ancient arts. There is a rare intimacy and trust which develops between the composer or performer and the audience, which highlights much of what is otherwise missing in the modern world of bigger, better, louder, faster. You could say this music is the art of slow."Music is the mystical language of the highest humanitarian ideals. The music flowing through from these old times and cultures has a potency and organic feel to it, like a glimpse or message fragment from the ancient world. We become time travellers! And our imagination can just as easily slip between our world, the old world, and into the far-off constellations of the future."The concert series includes six themes of imaginative new works for violin:& #8232 ;[BREAK] Concert 1 - A Thousand Years In One Breath - 22 October This concert spans the musical influences of many Asian cultures. It explores through sound the benevolence and the causation beyond the apparent appearances of events in life. There is a saying that a lifetime is just one day in the life of the soul. In such a subject where the mind fails to be able to grapple with the vastness of such questions, the subtle flow of intuitive music allows us to feel and sense the gaps in the seams of the known universe, and through them to catch glimpses of the cosmic perspective of our lives.[BREAK] Concert 2 - The Invisible Architecture Of Compassion - 12 November Using musical elements from old Europe, the middle ages and beyond, this concert is a musical immersion in the greatest universal humanitarian ideals and aspirations. Compassion is the light that guides all recovery and healing in humanity. The most evolved civilisations have all been highly altruistic and compassionate. It is the recall of the sensitivity and empathic disposition which has become all but lost to us in the modern world - and the antidote in the vibrational medicine of compassion through the invisible architecture and resonance of this music.[BREAK] Concert 3 - Immeasurable Yearning - 3 December This concert of contemplative music with influences of the Middle East takes us into the world of the mystics of the 11th-14th centuries, with imaginative fragments of sound we would find in the sacred places of that time. The music derives its inspirations from the devotional love-poetry of the likes of Hafiz, Kabir and Rumi, and sets the listener on a mystical journey into the yearning for divine love and the presence and quietude of the hermit saints of the East.[BREAK] Concert 4 - Music Of The Quiet Mind - 14 January A rich journey of world music, from the silk road through eastern Europe and Asia, this concert takes us into the wilderness of the natural world: the canyons, bamboo forests, misty mountain tops, temples and rivers. Quietness is discovered to have always been there - we just had to stop and listen to it. This quietude has been the secret of the saints and mystics throughout time, who through years of seclusion and meditation practice could attain a deep stillness. An opportunity to re-set your own inner compass to your heart, and dial down your inner volume levels to quiet.[BREAK] Concert 5 - Damascus - 4 February The Middle East and North Africa of antiquity was a place of science, scholarship, astronomy, art, education, architecture and culture, way more advanced than its European counterparts for thousands of years. The Damascus concert uses musical flavours typical of the plainsong and chant styles in Eleusinian, Gregorian, Byzantine and Arabic music, traces the journey of humanity in melismatic improvisation-style musical reflections, and offers a window into the heightened atmosphere and illumination in the high cultures of that time.[BREAK] Concert 6 - Echoes In The Thomaskirche - 25 March
Thomaskirche (or the Church of St Thomas) in Leipzig has been a sanctuary for the soul through its music for nearly a thousand years. Be transported through the ages of European history in a concert of gorgeous sounds alluding to the travelling minnesingers, bards and minstrels, and the musical influences of the great composer JS Bach himself who resided as Cantor for 27 years in the 18th century at Thomaskirche. Close your eyes and be in the old world of Leipzig for a few centuries.
Each concert is family-friendly with an early afternoon matinee in addition to the evening concert, and are held in a new exquisite intimate concert auditorium for an audience of 44 people to experience an up-and-personal journey with the artist, just 20 minutes from the Perth CBD in Wangara at the new School of Creative Arts.
International composer violinist Rupert Guenther's imaginative playing and diversity of style deeply captures 'spirit of place' through his music. It has seen him give hundreds of recitals in Australia, the UK, USA and Europe including Tate Britain (London), The Guildhall Festival (London), Melbourne International Festival, and Bombora House New York (USA). He has released 27 albums as an original solo artist since 2003 including five CDs commissioned and recorded for ABC Classic FM. Trained as a concert violinist in Vienna, Austria, his deep spirituality has fuelled his musical passions since a young age. His versatility has seen him work as sideman to the stars with many artists and orchestras including the Vienna Chamber Opera, the Australian Pops Orchestra, Beatles' producer Sir George Martin, Olivia-Newton John, Demis Roussos, John Farnham and Hollywood singer-songwriter Lisbeth Scott.For bookings go to Ticketek: https://premier.ticketek.com.au/shows/show.aspx?sh=TINYCONS23 For more information on the Tiny Concerts Series, please see rupertguenther.com and facebook.com/OfficialRupertGuenther .

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