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Posted 2017-01-24 by S Lynnfollow
I have never been in an Escape Room before but I saw an episode of Big Bang Theory where the characters played the game using only their brain muscles and I was intrigued. It's a mix of a reality TV game, a race against the clock and a game accessible to the general public – definitely something interesting to do with friends on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon especially if you are a fan of board games.

So what is an Escape Room?%% It is basically a physical adventure game where players are locked in a room and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles and escape within a set time limit. The rooms are based on different themes and are awesome as team building exercises – you exercise your brain whilst building intensity and excitement.

I visited the Time's Up Escape Rooms at 24 Dundebar Road Wanneroo Perth where the theme is 'The Pursuit'. We are led to an apartment by an anonymous caller, tipping us off with the location of the elusive 'HCK' serial killer whom we have been after for 8 months. Playing detective, we arrive at the address; the door is slightly ajar. Knowing he may have a hostage, and eager to catch the killer off guard, we foolishly entered the premises without backup. The door slams behind us and we are trapped!

We are working against the clock. The clues we need to escape are hidden around us and we need to seek them out and share with the team with an ability to distinguish between the meaningless from the pivotal.

Without giving too much of the game and clues away (we need to save some fun and mystery for the next lot of detectives), we are swept away on a whirlwind and intense pursuit with props and well-thought out puzzles that definitely gave our brains a major work-out and kept our heart rate up with excitement with really clever digital locking mechanisms, engineering and design.

The puzzles are geared to make us think differently so out of the box ideas definitely work. If you get stuck, a game master is on hand and available upon request. The puzzles are challenging, providing a great mental challenge with friendly and helpful staff.

Even though I was an escape room newbie and did not know what to expect, I went with two friends who love Escape Rooms and have done most of the rooms in Perth and even some overseas and they said the Time's Up Rooms were definitely up there with the best of them.

Even if you are an Escape Room veteran, Time's Up's Escape Room only opened on the 17th of December 2016 so you are definitely assured of something new and fresh. Keep an eye out for their new rooms once they are added.

The founders and designers of the Time's Up Rooms, Daniela and Francois were energetic and passionate about their business which came across during the introduction of the game as well as the explanation of how they came up with the puzzles and design of the room after the game. They decided to create their own room after discovering a love of escape rooms and with a bit of help from a few friends and their backgrounds in engineering and accounting, created an awesome concept. They said that they are constantly learning from the players on how people react to the puzzles and what they enjoy and hope to carry that across to the next rooms which they are currently in the process of creating.

The game is perfect for a group of between 2-4 people and you have 60 minutes to escape the room. Escape Room is perfect for a birthday party, hen's night, stag night, corporate function or a date night and is something unique and different to do as an alternative to clubbing. It is open from Thursday to Saturday 1pm to 10pm and Sunday from 1pm to 8.30pm.

For more information visit their website http://www.timesup-er.com.au/ or book at [email protected]. You can also call them on 08 9404 5530.

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