Timeless Teachings - Inner Wisdom Free Course

Timeless Teachings - Inner Wisdom Free Course


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Thu 09 Feb 2017

Timeless Teachings - Inner Wisdom – Free Course

'Timeless Teachings - Inner Wisdom' is a FREE twelve-week course to be held in West Footscray this February.The first session will be held on Thursday 9th February, starting at 6.45pm and all members of the public are welcome to attend.From ancient times, people have sought knowledge which provides answers to their questions about the origin of the universe and the purpose of life. What is known is that these truths come from an inner knowledge based on direct experience. In Ancient Greece, this was known as Gnosis, in the East, the Tao or Jnana.Timeless teachings found in art, science, philosophy and mysticism express eternal universal principles which exist within the inner depths of human consciousness. These truths have always existed and have been a source of inner wisdom throughout the ages.Many ancient teachings have been handed down in the form of Mexican codices, Egyptian papyri, the Dead Sea Scrolls, rare texts, as well as certain ancient temples, sacred monoliths, pyramids, etc. These contain hidden symbolic messages left for us by the cultures which preceded us, showing deeply significant universal principles which are essential tools for use in the work of unravelling the mysteries of life and the universe.Over twelve weeks, we aim to show students how they can uncover these universal principles through direct experience of their own Inner Truth.Course Outline:1. Introduction - Timeless Teachings - Inner Wisdom2. Our Hidden Psychology - Essence, Ego, Personality3. The Four States of Human Consciousness4. The Laws of Return, Recurrence and Reincarnation5. The Law of Cause and Effect (Karma)6. The Laws of Evolution and Involution7. Energy, Prana and the Vital Body8. Chakras and Meditation9. Mysteries of Death10. Mysteries of Life11. The Hidden Language of Mythology Part I12. Sacred Books Part I - The Gnostic LibraryThe entire course is free of charge and each session is approximately 1 hour duration.Registrations are required to participate in the 'Timeless Teachings - Inner Wisdom' course. To proceed with a booking, please contact Adam at [email protected].Please note this is not a one-off event, but rather the start of a course running over 12 weeks on Thursday evenings.

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