Timebanking Newcastle and Central Coast, NSW

Timebanking Newcastle and Central Coast, NSW


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If you like the idea of getting something done for free –Timebanking may be just the thing for you!

Timebanking is a not-for-profit community program that allows the voluntary exchange of services between members. The concept started in the USA in 1980 with the ethos that every person has something to offer others and that helping each other builds strong communities. With more than 80 Timebanks in the USA and more than 100 in the UK, the NSW Government introduced Timebanking into the state a year ago, with a trial that started on the Central Coast and Newcastle in August 2012.

I heard about Timebanking at a community expo earlier this year. Given that I had recently become a 'stay at home mum' I was excited about the prospect of using my time to help others – while getting something I needed, in exchange. No financial commitment, no money exchange – just the exchange of time and skills.

You may be thinking, "I don't really have any skills to offer others." You would be surprised. On offer are services such as house cleaning, gardening and car washing; help with administration transport and cooking; teaching piano, other languages and IT skills. There is virtually no limit to what you can offer – simply think of something you enjoy doing, or are good.

Personally, I have offered babysitting, my time as an exercise buddy, writing and editing services, and help navigating the medical system (making appointments, interpreting doctor's reports). In return I hope to get help with tasks around the house: gardening; lawn mowing; handyman bits and pieces and car washing. The beauty of Timebanking is that it is not a direct exchange of service, ie you don't need to swap directly with the person you are helping out. Once you provide a service you get a credit in your 'timebank' which you can use to receive a service from someone else.

Signing up for Timebanking is as easy as filling in an online form. You will be sent your account name and password, and then you are ready to get started with registering your offers and wants or searching through other people's offers and wants.

What are you waiting for? Visit Timebanking , register, and get started with giving and receiving!

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