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Posted 2023-05-28 by Heidi Ceefollow

has held its own in the busy and sometimes cut-throat Canberra food scene since 2016 and there is a reason why. seamlessly blends the classics of Indian cuisine alongside street food including pani puri, dosa and pav, and quirky fusion dishes (hello freaky fries!). The menu sends a strong message: this is a place knows how to dish up an enjoyable dining experience.

The casual vibe of is a step away from many of the more traditional Indian restaurants around Canberra. The music is pumping, the decor is industrial-lit with pops of colour and neon and, even at lunchtime on a dismal and icy day, the place is buzzing. We place our orders from the table and the hardest bit about this is deciding what to order. We opt for traditional dahl makhani and naan combo and a more modern butter chicken on chips, part of the extensive 'freaky fries' menu. We also opt for a cardamon chai.

The chai arrives first (after the waitstaff kindly check in to see if we want it right away or with the meal). Its warmth is just the thing to ease the chill after a wintery walk, the spice blend absolutely delicious.

The restaurant steadily fills as we wait for our meals which take around 15 minutes to arrive although the large space, thrumming music and excited chatter make the wait pleasant enough. And when the food arrives, wow is it worth the wait! The towering butter chicken chips are a sight to behold! Shiny, rich sauce oozes down over the crunchy, golden mountain of fries. They are terribly delicious, the crunch of the oily chips offset by the sweetness and flavour of the butter chicken. Definitely not recommended if you're on a health kick but these are comfort food to the max and worth blowing the calories on.

The dahl follows close behind and the portion is way larger than expected for lunch. The dish could easily be shared between two and at around $20, quite generous. The Naan is light and fresh, punctuated with bubbles and studded with fragrant garlic. This is a world away from the stodgy, thick bread that some places serve. The dahl itself is layered with flavour and robust enough to ward off any lingering hunger and the spices dance on my tongue long after the last bite has been savoured.

nails the entire experience providing a delicious meal and a vibrant atmosphere. The only disappointment? That I couldn't fit any more food in. Be warned, a return visit is a must!

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