Three Monkeys Cafe

Three Monkeys Cafe


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can be found on a renowned foodie street in Newcastle - Monkeys Cafe/@-32.9315023,151.7718458,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xb835524490917110!8m2!3d-32.9314981!4d151.7718393 Darby Street in Cooks Hill. The street has historical terrace houses, funky cafes and colourful street art, making it a destination you want to explore. If you walk along, you will find a number of popular cafes to choose from but you can't miss the bright red fa├žade of . From the front, it doesn't look very big - with just a small number of tables out the front and inside the front door. Don't be put off by the small and busy exterior, however, as there is more seating upstairs and in the small courtyard out the back. As the cafe is located in a terrace house, it isn't the largest cafe you will have ever been to - but it will be one of the best.

Here are 3 reasons why you need to visit Three Monkeys cafe this weekend!

1/ The Customer Service

Every time that we have visited this cafe, each staff member who we have spoken to has been friendly, happy and had a ready smile. You can tell that they enjoy working at this bright cafe, with laughter heard up and down the stairs. It is one of those cafes where you leave and say "Wow, they were all really lovely - it's nice to see real customer service!" Nothing is too much trouble and their happiness rubs off on you - it is the ideal spot for breakfast and to start the day with a positive experience.

2/ The Food & Coffee

It doesn't matter what you order off the menu at this venue, you can't go wrong with anything that is set in front of you. We have tried many things on their extensive menu and each one has been full of flavour, of good size and with a flair for presentation. Half the enjoyment of eating is devouring the food with your eyes and the food presentation at is always exceptional. Of course, you can't mention the word "exceptional" without also including the coffee - it is the best on the street, if not the city! (Yes, a big call!)

3/ The Relaxed Vibe

On our last visit, we were lucky to get one of the two tables that were out on the verandah, which overlooked the street. As we looked down onto the street, through the thick branches of the shady trees that line both sides, we commented that it felt like a quiet haven in the middle of the city. Diners on both levels were happily chatting away and every person we saw was enjoying the weekend vibe - content to just sip their lattes, enjoy a hearty breakfast and wind down after a busy week. There was no need to hurry, but a great need to order another coffee and stay a little longer!

With these 3 reasons and many more, why don't you visit Three Monkeys cafe this weekend? With happy staff, good food, exceptional coffee and a chilled out vibe - why would you want to go anywhere else? It is the perfect spot to watch the world go by...

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