Three Little Birds Distillery

Three Little Birds Distillery


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Known for producing small batch handmade gin in Adelaide, has opened a restaurant at the same Mile End complex where Angel Thai is located. Their dishes cover a good range of cuisines with many of them suitable for sharing.

The use of confit chicken in their Chicken Salad gave it a flavour different from similar dishes we have tried. The chicken was very tender and juicy. Rocket leaves provided a delectable peppery flavour and the pickled vegetables provided a hint of tanginess. A miso and yuzu dressing gave the dish a bit of an Asian flair and the creamy avocado completed the dish.

Their pizzas are prepared in a wood fired oven, which gave the crust a toasted taste. The chicken in the Pollo Pizza was cooked just right and the chimichurri sauce imparted them with a slight herby flavour. It was complemented nicely by mushrooms and red onion, and there was enough sugo sauce to ensure the pizza was not too dry.

Their Corn Ribs were of a fairly large size and it was an easy task to bite the corn kernels off the core. The corn had a sweet taste and the seasoning gave them a bit of a smoky flavour. Wedges of limes came with the corn to add some tanginess.

The beef patty in the Beef Burger had a lovely charred flavour and the bacon provided a hint of smoky flavour. Pickles imparted a bit of tanginess to the burger and tomato relish added a delectable savoury taste to it. Rather than chips, the burger was accompanied with smashed potatoes which were crisp and fluffy and delectably seasoned with a sprinkling of herbs.

While we thought the prawns in the Prawn Fettuccine may be slightly overcooked, they were fresh and of a large size, and the fettuccine was cooked al dente. Slices of chorizo imparted a hint of smokiness and spiciness, and the consistency of the sugo sauce was not too heavy. Included in the dish were cherry tomatoes which enhanced the slight sweetness of the sugo sauce.

Coming in a serving of five wings, the flesh of their Buffalo Wings was juicy with the skin having a bit of crispiness. The buffalo sauce gave them their characteristic spiciness. They can be eaten with the accompanying blue cheese dip to soothe the spiciness.

Their Grilled Broccolini still retained a bit of bite and the sauce used to dress them enhanced their flavour without masking their taste. Scattered over the broccolini were slivered almonds to provide some crunch. Those who want to add some tanginess can squeeze the lemon wedge provided over the vegetables before eating them.

The Churros were crisp and fluffy and the cinnamon gave them the flavour that you would expect. A notable aspect of the dish was a caramel made from barrel aged gin which had a delightful hint of alcohol flavour. Served with the dish was vanilla bean ice cream.

The d├ęcor of the restaurant gave it a cosy feel and diners have the choice of indoor or outdoor seating. Parking is not a problem as the carpark of the complex that the restaurant is located in offers off-street parking.

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