10 Things You Can Get For $2 on The Gold Coast

10 Things You Can Get For $2 on The Gold Coast


Posted 2015-05-27 by Sarah Saysfollow
What can you get for $2 in this day and age? Probably not much, I hear you say. Well you may be surprised to know that you can get a whole variety of things right now on the Gold Coast, for just two dollars.

Plus, these are not cheap and nasty things you wouldn't want - you will actually want to have them or do them.

Here is my list of things you can get for $2 on the Coast.

If you don't have access to WiFi at home or are travelling and need to use the internet, $2 will get you an hour of WiFi at pretty much all internet desks up and down the Gold Coast. All of the main malls plus most smaller shopping centres like Oasis, Paradise Centre and Chevron Renaissance have internet rooms with lots of desks.

You wouldn't think you could get clothes for just two dollars, however each year Lifeline host a $2 Clothing Sale, where you can get your hands on some pre-loved clothes in all shapes, sizes, brands and styles. This year it's on at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre in Broadbeach on 27/28 June.

Steak at Waxys
Now I do realise that it's unlikely you will just have a steak on its own, so technically, it's going to cost you more than $2 for a steak at Waxys in Surfers Paradise. However, it is still a steak, and it is still for just $2. I haven't eaten there so I cannot comment on how it would taste, however it is a really popular deal that attracts a lot of business, so it must be good.

$2 will get you a generous ride on the merry-go-round in Broadbeach Mall, with the proceeds going to a good cause. My daughter loves this so much, and insists on a ride every time we go to Broadbeach, luckily it is just $2, otherwise I'd be broke by now. The guy who runs it is very sweet and sometimes gives us a free ride or an extra go. Whether an adult or child, who doesn't love a merry-go-round ride.

It may not have the luxury or indulgence of a spa or beauty salon, however a massage is a massage and you can get one for $2 in one of the many massage chairs dotted around most malls and shopping centres on the Gold Coast. Put some music on, close your eyes and relax as the chair massages and vibrates you into a calm state. That's if you can stop the giggles.

Kids Rides
Another thing to entertain the kids for just $2 is the many small mechanical rides - such as cars and animals that they can sit on or in and get bounced, twirled or shook around. Again you will find them at most malls and shopping centres around the Coast, and they are all just $2. Of course if you let the kids on every single one each time you pass them, it will add up. I let my daughter on them without putting money in, but every so often I'll pay the $2 so it moves. Either way she has fun.

Breakfast at McDonalds
Mmm maccas, Mmm breakfast. Most of us love a special maccas treat now and again, and right now you can get either a BLT McMuffin or a ham and cheese toasted pocket for just $2. Yummy - $2 well spent I say.

Not one, but two coffees for $2. At Arabesque Bazaar in Surfers Paradise you can get a $1 coffee every weekday between 12am to 5pm. Located on Surfers Paradise Boulevard it is certainly worth a visit - especially if you are like me and have a bought coffee most days. It certainly saves lots of dollars for coffee lovers.

You may have noticed that you have to pay for parking pretty much everywhere now on the Gold Coast, and gone are the hard copy tickets, instead it's all done virtually using the parking space number and entering it into the ticket machines. $2 will get you exactly 1 hour and 48 minutes of parking on the Gold Coast.

Kids Toy
If you have kids then you will here "I want", "can I have" and "I need that" about pretty much every advert on the TV and every time you are out and about. I don't believe in spoiling children and certainly don't believe in constant present buying, even if it is something cheap. However, sometimes kids do deserve a treat and I often find that kids will be happy with $1 bubbles just as much as a $50 dolls house. There are pods around the Gold Coast that have little toys for $2, which will excite kids and won't break the bank.

There are always deals to be had, you just have to seek them out and know where to look.

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