Things to See and Do in Goondiwindi

Things to See and Do in Goondiwindi


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As an established QLD/NSW border town, Goondiwindi sits prosperously on the banks of the great Macintyre River. This river not only supports various plants and animals but also provides water for stock and domestic use, industry and irrigated agriculture. Locals use it for fishing and swimming too. The scenic backdrop and the tranquil riverfront are sure to have you relaxing in no time.

For more of nature, head to the town's 25-hectare botanical gardens. You'll be surrounded by a variety of native plant species from the mountains to the desert. You'll also enjoy the lovely lake with a nesting island for native birds. Public recreation is encouraged. There are BBQ and playground facilities, shelter sheds and toilet amenities within the gardens.

History buffs would be pleased to know that Goondiwindi is home to a number of well-maintained heritage buildings. The Victoria Hotel's Victorian and early colonial architecture cannot be missed as you walk along the main street. You can enjoy a cold brew here or at one of the other pubs in town. Erected in 1937, the regional civic centre has an art deco-style facade and continues to be a dominant element in the streetscape today. Other buildings to check out include the customs house, courthouse, cinema and churches. Back by the river, do take a look at the historic bridge as well. It was built in 1914 and consists of two steel spans with hog-backed lattice girders.

Public art is plentiful around town. You'll need quite some time to explore the vibrant street art on Bowen Lane. Then, make your way to the water tank painted by artists Tanya Kirkegaard, Cheryl Moggs, Karlene Duncan and Ian McCallam. They have created a mural reflecting the Indigenous meaning of "Goondiwindi" with the brogla and emu as symbols. Exhibitions are also held in the regional civic centre art space throughout the year.

Next to the water tank is an old Carbeen Tree, known as the tree of knowledge, standing inside the Memorial to the Levee. Locals would meet here when the river is in flood. Can you foresee any potential flood damage by looking at the height of the river and how quickly it is rising? Gunsynd, on the other hand, is a Queensland icon inducted into the Australian Racing Hall of Fame in 2005. The Goondiwindi Grey has become a legend with his statue erected on MacIntyre Street. Why you might ask? I'll leave that for you to discover when you visit.

Lastly, the town centre is filled with a range of shopping opportunities from homeware to clothing. And, as for something to eat, Goondiwindi isn't short of cafes either. Further information about this unique place can be found on the Southern Queensland Country website .


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