Top 5 Things to do When it Rains in Perth

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Posted 2012-08-15 by Tomfollow
For most people rainy days means hiding away inside, warm and dry, sheltered from the outside world. Those people who do run and hide from the rain are missing possibly some of the best opportunities to go out and experience life. So here is my five suggestions to make the most of rainy days

Play a contact sport
Rugby, Soccer, Aussie Rules... doesn't matter. Contact sports on a rainy day take the atmosphere of the game to a whole new level. The pounding rain, the muddy ground, reduced visibility and slippery conditions means all tactics are thrown out the window as you are forced to adapt to new conditions.

For kids especially there is nothing more satisfying than seeing the look on their parents face when they finish with a uniform absolutely covered in mud!

The merits of rainy day photography are well known amongst enthusiasts. Water drops add a new dimension and increase the vibrancy of the natural world. You don't need a thousand dollar camera to try this yourself though, most of these photos here are taken with a standard $350 digital camera.

Extreme close ups of water drops gliding along leaves, panoramas of storms over the city or shots of swelling river rapids; there is endless potential in the world of water-based photography.

Swimming in the rain is fantastic, the water feels warmer and more refreshing. Don't worry about sharks, you probably won't get eaten - that's all media hype.

Whether it be in your backyard pool, the beach or a river there is just something unexplainable that makes you feel so carefree when you jump into water during a torrential downpour.
If you don't want to get in the water, Kayaking is just as satisfying on a rainy day.

If you have a four-wheel drive, this is the best time to use it. Driving through the flooded roadside drains is pretty fun to start with, but the real fun starts off road and its that one word we've all loved since birth: mud.

Try going somewhere such as the Gnangara Pines , in the wet season many of the tracks get flooded and there's lots of mud bogs in the bushland. The unbridled joy of pushing your machine through deep muddy water is only matched by the childish satisfaction of seeing your car absolutely covered in mud.

Walk a nature trail
Being in a forest or bushland while it rains is an amazing experience. From the gentle trickle of water through the canopy to all the fresh smells that the rain brings out this is an absolute joy for the senses and something no perfume can match.

The sounds of the forest are fascinating too, the distant downpour, the 'drip, drip' off the leaves and the cacophony of animal noises after the rain disappears are altogether quite a soothing experience.

So go on, get outside and get wet! It really is a lot more fun than staying rugged up indoors.

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