Ten Outdoor Rain Activities

Ten Outdoor Rain Activities


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As Queensland is affected by La Nina weather patterns for 2021 , there is a lot more rain, so it's great to know about outdoor rain activities. Outgoing in the rain is actually pretty good, especially after the pandemic is getting better understood and managed, so getting outdoors is even more in demand than before. So here is the list to inspire one to ditch the board games and TV watching or obsessive work and get into the rain!

1. Rescuing worms? Yes, it is true, sometimes worms and other smaller creatures get stuck in the rain. This family-friendly activity is not as strange as it sounds and can be satisfying to a certain degree. Many other family-friendly activities are displayed here .

2. Exercise - because it works the body harder. From Health.com , there is a scope for getting some or a little bit of exercise in the rain. Some tips include selecting activities that are safe, such as walking with or without an umbrella or running laps of an oval, as the footpath is a bit slippery and varied. In the above article, it's written that scientifically the body burns more calories - if completed in a small amount, then it is good for fitness.

3. Explore things in peace and quiet: take an umbrella and rain jacket and go out and explore the local neighbourhood. Everyone would have witnessed from time to time that there's never anyone else outdoors during sustained rain, so it puts a different spin on the stroll around the block.

4. Go outside and smell the rain as discussed on Livescience.com. As the ground and plants have a certain reaction to rain, it smells different, it's a good way to break the indoor obsession.

5. Do something really positive that you want to do because no-one is around. There is actually quite a lot to that idea, sometimes people want to do things that seem fun, so the rain does give that isolable feeling to 'do what you like'.

6. Make your own dam: I remember doing this as a youngster. You just block something up and it makes a gnarly dam. It's actually more of an adult activity though because you know when to unblock the dam, so the overflow doesn't get too extreme. This Youtube video is lightly amusing footage of homemade mud dams.

7. Practice ball sports in a less competitive way. In competition, you have to play in the rain occasionally, unless you live in the British Isles, where you always have to. Yet, in Australia, with generally less rain, even in La Nina event, it's a reasonable idea to at least get a concept of the different rebounds and all sorts of other aspects on and off the field that need to be attended to in sports such as soccer, rugby codes and AFL. Mastersoccermind.com provides some inspiration based on soccer.

8. After the rain is nearly over, be on the lookout for a rainbow photograph - a diversion from rain photography .

9. Sing

10.Watch the stormy ocean waves from a safe distance: as seen in Bribie Island Train Trip , I found I could simulate life by the oceanside. While a little bit silly to travel so far on wet roads, this activity is even better if you live near the coast - the stormy ocean is a novelty when observed safely.

As a bonus, you will have a better chance of avoiding sunburn and although it is possible to tan when it's cloudy , this Wikihow article describes slightly less light coming through the clouds, which helps people tan more evenly and prevents nasty sunburn occurrences. I think the rain is really useful for people with fair skin. I find I avoid a lot of sunburn due to fair skin when I walk in the rain.

Some things are actually quite disastrous in the rain, apparently, surfing is not a good thing due to rain affecting water quality. Driving and bike riding is a bit more dangerous, so I wouldn't suggest that. They have to be giddy thrills that are usually helping your health, mind or wellbeing, as opposed to silly risks - but I do appreciate how people sometimes have no alternatives to driving or surfing in the rain - a series of lists themselves for the tricks and tips involved. Some storms have rain which is officially not right to go out and do things in, such as cyclones or severe storms.

But for normal, reasonable everyday type rainfall, there are things to do that are useful and not too risky - a giddy thrill, a novelty and serendipitous fun. Yet, for a balanced alternative, a WeekendNotes writer has done a super yet thoughtful article about the wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities.

However, I feel I have only touched on the topic, feel free to suggest something new to the list in the comments field below:

All photos by author in recent years and a few extra snaps below in a mini gallery. With fair skin and liking serenity, I quite like the rain and feel it plays to my strengths to write this for interested readers, hence I have a reasonable collection of wet weather snaps.


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