Five Things to do in the Bellarine Peninsula

Five Things to do in the Bellarine Peninsula


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The Bellarine Peninsula is often seen as a stop before the Great Ocean Road. Arrive in Geelong and all the brochures will indicate this.

But if you've ticked off the Great Ocean Road, consider exploring the Geelong area and its surrounds. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Chase the southern lights at Point Lonsdale
Have you heard of the Aurora Australis? The southern lights are the opposite of the northern lights and we are lucky enough to be able to see them from parts of south-east Australia.

The easiest place to see them from is Tasmania, but if the lights are strong enough you can see them from southern parts of Victoria like Cape Schank and Point Lonsdale.

We signed up to alerts so we could be notified of the best times to have a chance of seeing the lights. Unfortunately we realised too late that it's not often visible with the naked eye and your camera needs to be on specific settings.

Nevertheless, we enjoyed the sunrise at Point Lonsdale and brought the dog for a mini roadtrip. If you're going to go chasing them too, follow this Facebook group here and read some camera tips here .
**2. Have brunch at Three Little Figs
It's great to see the cafe craze move out from Melbourne and spread in areas such as Geelong. This cafe was bustling for a weekend with takeway orders and diners.

I loved the small touches such as the branded glasses and refreshing lemon in my water. The coffee was pretty good too!

I went with the Sweet Potato & Corn Fritters ($18) and my friend went for a classic Eggs Benedict with Salmon ($16), both were generous servings and super filling.

Three Little Figs is located at 240 Pakington St, Geelong West. See their menu here**].

**3. Admire the display at the Geelong Bonsai Show
**Each year, the Geelong Bonsai club hold a show for the public. They feature some lovely bonsai designs and you can even vote on your favourite one.

It is also very relaxing, walking around and admiring the intricate designs and the beautiful plants.

If you need a bonsai reshaped or repotted you can also bring it in. You can also buy some bonsai, pots and tools.

This year the event will be held November 12th-13th at Geelong Masonic Centre, Regent St, Belmont. Admission is $5 for adults, $3 for pensioners/students and free for children. Find out more here .

**4. Relax over tea/coffee at Cartel Coffee Roasters
**We thought we made a wrong turn on the way to Cartel Coffee Roasters. As we drove along an industrial street with no-one around, we were suddenly surprised by a large graffitied wall that indicated we had reached our destination.

As we already had brunch, I felt like I couldn't go with another coffee that day. I did love the unique warehouse feel and extensive range of specialty teas on offer in addition to the coffee.

I went with something called White Moonlight, which was floral and sweet, exactly how I like my teas. We also found a chess board but as we are not well-versed on how to play chess, we relaxed and played a few rounds of checkers instead.

Check out their extensive range of coffee and tea here . Find Cartel Coffee Roasters at 6/21 Leather St, Breakwater.

5. Try catch a squid at Queenscliff Pier
It's normal to spot people fishing along the piers in Victoria, but I only learnt this year how to catch squid.

Unfortunately our ventures have not yet resulted in a catch, but learning the different technique of catching a squid and travelling to different parts of Victoria to give it a shot is just part of the fun. Instead of a normal fish hook, you use something called a jig and move it up and down in the water to look like live bait for the squid.

The pier had a lovely view of the sunset to admire whilst we sat back in our deck chairs. Luckily we brought some back-up steaks and portable stoves to cook dinner before heading back to Melbourne.

The Bellarine Peninsula is somewhere where you can enjoy the simple things like fishing with friends, local cafes and local events. Don't underestimate what it can offer and head down some time! Find out more at

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