Top 5 Things to do at d'Albora Marinas, Nelson Bay

Top 5 Things to do at d'Albora Marinas, Nelson Bay


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The d'Albora Marinas is located on the water at Nelson Bay, in the scenic Port Stephens region. As well as being a safe haven for boats, it is also a tourist attraction in itself, with thousands of tourists visiting it every year. The marina seems to have a magnetic pull, as everyone who visits Nelson Bay always comes across it, as they walk through the town and then follow their attraction to the blue, clear water beyond.

So what is there to do there? Keep reading for just 5 things to do along the waterfront this weekend. One thing is important, however - once you arrive in Nelson Bay you need to slow down, slip into holiday mode and relax. Your holiday has begun...

1/ Restaurants in the marina are a main attraction, particularly at night for dinner with family and friends. All the venues have water views, which makes it a romantic and scenic area to dine in Nelson Bay. The restaurants upstairs are Gill's Fish House , Broughtons at the Bay (functions only), Hog's Breath Cafe , Tin Tin Eatery and The Wood Oven . Downstairs there is Mavericks on the Bay , #eat ">Cafe on the Bay , Subway , Marina Ice Creamery and Blueys . Stroll down there for breakfast, lunch or dinner and take in the holiday vibe.

2/ Cruises, Boat Hire & Jet Ski Hire can be booked at the Bay Booking Office , which is a floating ticket office at the marina. You will also find Let's Go Adventures scuba diving tours, Imagine Cruises dolphin cruise company and Port Stephens Ferry Service , which takes you to the small town of Tea Gardens, on the other side of Port Stephens. The marina is also home to award-winning tourist operator Moonshadow - TQC Cruises , which is now in the NSW Tourism Awards Hall of Fame for winning multiple gold awards. Take a sunset seafood cruise, dolphin tour, whale watching cruise, family lunch cruise or a day trip to Broughton Island.

3/ Fish Feeding happens every day at 10:30am at the small platform at the marina. When you look down into the clear water, you can see a wide variety of fish swimming below - with Luderick and Bream the two most common. Each day, a staff member from d'Albora Marinas comes down and throws out fish food, so kids and all ages can watch them and learn about the fish in the marina. You will be surprised by how many fish are down there - and how big some of them are! Some of them would be legal size for fishing, however fishing isn't allowed at that area of the marina - so you can just view them only! See here for details.

4/ Fireworks, Festivals, Markets & Community Events are held at the marina throughout the year, such as the Love Sea Food Tastes Port Stephens festival, outdoor cinema nights, car shows, school holiday activities, New Year's Eve fireworks and more. Sacred Tree Markets is a major event which happens seasonally on the ground floor of the marina and extends up the pathway to the Nelson Bay Playground . Shop for beautifully-crafted handmade gifts and enjoy tasty food from local food trucks, as you wander this popular market. See the d'Albora Marinas Facebook for full details.

5/ Shopping is also a popular activity at the marina, with a little souvenier shop called Pacific Watercolours located downstairs, as well as a cute boutique and gift shop called Corner Secrets . If you enjoy buying local art, take a look at Artisan Collective , for local scenes, sculptures and paintings. If you feel like getting active after shopping, you can also hire a bike from the self-serve racks, set up by Boomerang Bikes .

These are the main attractions at the central area of the marina, however, if you walk further into the port, you will find seafood outlets and fish & chip shops near the Breakwall, and if you walk in the other direction, there is a popular BBQ and playground area. There is also a small swimming bay right next to the marina, with blue water which will look so inviting, you won't be able to resist dipping a toe in, at the very least.

Why not take your swimmers and your appetite to d'Albora Marinas this weekend and enjoy all of the things to do at this scenic tourist attraction? You will feel like you're on holidays, as soon as you see the clear, blue water...

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