Things to Do Before Bed for a Good Night's Sleep

Things to Do Before Bed for a Good Night's Sleep


Posted 2020-10-21 by Leiann Lynn Rose Spontaneofollow
This is a list of ways to help you get some rest, especially at night. I have included a few I personally practice.

Go to your happy place
Close your eyes and think of a place you would love to be. As examples, you are at a cottage, maybe the beach, maybe another country? What is so enticing and intriguing?

Whether you count sheep or simply just count, counting over and over just might wear you out.

Deep breaths - Inhale/exhale
When you take deep breaths, this soothes your body and is very calming.

Listen to music/watch a DVD/read a book/listen to an audiobook/YouTube
Get lost in resources that are just waiting for you to use. For example, learn something.

Play some white noise - such as a fan
Personally, I use a box fan, ceiling fan, tower fan and YouTube smoking cessation music, which you can listen to whether you smoke or not.

Use an essential oil diffuser
Essential oil diffusers have been on the market for a while now so the cost has dropped. If you do not have an essential oil diffuser, you should really shop for one.

Have a cup of coffee or a cup of tea
You may not believe it but some people have a cup of coffee or a cup of tea when unable to go to bed. Personally, I make a mocha.

Take a free online course
There are many free online courses. All you need to do is simply search.

Write a letter
Do you have a loved one you have not communicated with forever?

Are you too busy during the day to exercise? Now you can!

Pack a lunch/food prep for a few days worth of meals
Save yourself some money, get creative and healthy.

Clip coupons
Challenge yourself to save money!

I only suggest LED candles. Dim your lights and turn LED candles on.

Bowl of cereal
Having a bowl of cereal before bed fills up the empty stomach you just might have.

In Closing

Hopefully, you have found a few new ways to rest. We do need our rest. From going to your happy place to having a bowl of cereal, you just may even be getting rid of stress.

I hope you find yourself healthy before you know it.

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