Theobroma Chocolate Lounge

Theobroma Chocolate Lounge


Posted 2014-06-30 by Eleanorfollow
I have surprisingly been walking past this place for months without thinking to try it due to a previous friend's comment saying they had a bad experience there. However with such a strong sweet tooth I couldn't resist on such a gloomy day going in to try something chocolatey. It's tucked up amongst many of the cafes on the Cappuccino Strip towards the Markets so makes quite the perfect secluded look out for people watching, one of my other favourite pass times except for eating chocolate!

The interior is appropriately decked out in all shades of chocolate however those deceivingly comfy armchairs out the front are so low it is hard to reach up to the table, not the most ideal positioning to eat a dessert or meal in. We received welcoming and efficient service, however it was a Monday afternoon so rather quiet. I have read many reviews on other sites about their slow service so maybe pick your timing well!

The selection of sweet treats was quite extensive from french style patisserie cakes to individual chocolates and banana splits. I decided on the Belgium Waffles with melted chocolate and strawberries, for a very reasonable $7.90! I was pleasantly surprised when hastily appeared the largest mound of sweet ripe strawberries doused in melted chocolate on a rather generous sized waffle. Though being slightly critical the ratio of melted chocolate to the rest of the dish was slightly less, but it still tasted great. Eating this at 11am made the perfect breakfast!

My aunt couldn't quite reason with having dessert for breakfast so opted for the Dark Hot Chocolate Mocha, which didn't last long so must have tasted good! The only feedback I got about it was it wasn't too rich or thick, which is more San Churro's style. It was presented very nicely however the chocolate running down the side of the mug for 'decoration' made it a rather messy occasion.

Fremantle doesn't have many great spots to go on a date, but considering Theobroma is open till 10pm every night sharing a chocolate fondue with strawberries could make quite a good setting for a first date, nothing says romance more than chocolate and strawberries!

Theobroma is not quite a replica of Max Brenner from over East which does the best chocolate products but it isn't far off! There were multiple options yet to be indulged in, so more visits are in order. However I was not very impressed by their savoury menu so I would suggest selecting something they are known for, chocolate. They are cheaper than San Churros and have different options to them so between the two chocolate cafes those chocoholics out there should be quite satisfied!

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