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Posted 2014-09-04 by Ros Stilesfollow
Who doesn't like dressing up in 70s style and going out to a Disco?

The Disco Fever Social Dance was great entertainment. Joris and Krista taught each move and then we followed. They repeated it until we all had the step before moving on to the next step.

I have been to several dance classes before and always found them to be too 'busy'. Dance Instructors changed from one dance to another so that I was always confused and never got one dance completely right. Ocean Studios SA teach one step at a time – one dance at a time. I may finally get to learn one complete dance!

At Disco Fever, everyone bought their own drinks and snacks to share at their table. Friends attended together and socialised throughout the evening. At other times there was shared food and drinks for everyone to enjoy.

Most people were dressed up in 70s clothes and there were even a few men sporting afros!

Everyone was there to have fun and they certainly did. The lessons were officially finished at 8pm. Joris and Krista still went around helping struggling couples out. My husband and I were one of those struggling couples. After some helpful tips from Joris I managed to twirl around without putting my back out!

Once upon a time in the not too distant past – going out to a dance on the weekend was a social norm. In the country there were shearing shed dances and in the towns and cities there were dances in every other hall.

Changes crept in slowly until there was nowhere to go for a decent dance but an expensive dinner dance venue or the city night clubs. People can always go to a bar for a drink and a dance, but the dancing is usually free form and the drinking seems to be paramount to the dancing.

Ocean Studios offer a healthy and fun filled alternative.

Every month Joris and Krista host a Themed Dance.

Lessons usually begin at 7pm and go for an hour. Then the fun begins! With everyone prepped and ready to spend the evening working on their new steps. After you have learned some basic steps you can spend the next couple of hours on the dance floor. It is a safe environment with a great social aspect as both singles and couples can make new friendships.

Children go along too and play in a corner of the venue while their mums and dads are having lessons.

We happened to have our table next to four of the best behaved young children we have ever seen. They coloured in, played on tablets and two of them even got up and danced!

My Hubby and I have often lamented that there is nowhere to go dancing down south. The city is 40 minutes away and dancing doesn't start til after 10.30 pm. By then I am ready for a warm chocolate drink and a good sleep! Now we can go nearby to dance for a few hours in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Ocean Studios SA (OSSA) was founded by Joris and Krista - a couple who moved their family from Belgium to South Australia in September 2011.

They soon discovered that the South was missing a modern and fresh perspective on Social Dancing.

The couple realised that their passion for dancing was a great way to network and meet new people. After time spent volunteering and then becoming paid Dance Instructors - Ocean Studios SA (OSSA) was born!

Now people down south can attend a variety of Dancing
Lessons at a very reasonable price. Ocean Studios SA host monthly Themed Social Dances. The Dance begins with an hour of dance instruction so that everyone can join in.

OSSA welcomes all ages, all cultures and Dance Level. Singles find these themed dance events a great opportunity to have fun in a safe environment. It is a good way to connect, meet people and form friendships.

Social Dance Classes take place each Wednesday and Friday, in McLaren Vale or Moana.

Ocean Studios SA also offer Zumba Fitness classes with Krista at McLaren Vale and Sturt.

Krista will soon be offering Professional Photography as part of the Ocean Studios SA business venture.

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