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Posted 2023-09-03 by Vanessafollow

Mon 18 Sep 2023 - Sat 23 Sep 2023

Mindfulness has been an integral part of the School of Practical Philosophy in Perth for many years.

This September, the experienced and knowledgeable tutors invite you to join the School of Practical Philosophy's popular Mindfulness & Practical Philosophy face-to-face course 'The Wisdom Within' for FREE (original price $100).

'The Wisdom Within' consists of 10 enlightening sessions, designed to help you discover time-tested methods that lead to freedom, mindfulness and happiness.

"The exercises presented in the course have really changed my life. Just learning to rest in the present moment eliminated a ton of stress from my life, and has certainly improved my relationships and sense of well-being."

In our uncertain times, there is no better time to embrace 'The Wisdom Within'! Through greater wisdom, we will discover enduring happiness and how to live more mindfully with greater purpose every day.

Start your self-discovery journey & register for the Wisdom Within course today!


The weekly 2.5 hour face-to-face sessions will take place from:
  • Tuesday 19 September at 13 Teague Street, Burswood at 7 pm
  • Thursday 21 September at Currambine Community Center Currambine at 6.30 pm
  • Saturday 23 September at 13 Teague Street, Burswood at 9 am

  • This 10-week course reveals how wisdom leads to happiness, shows how to live more mindfully with greater purpose and teaches how to harness the power of attention.

    Under the guidance of the knowledgeable School of Practical Philosophy tutors, students will learn about different mindfulness techniques in-depth and how they can benefit us in a variety of ways.

    The format of the class is interactive, where students can discuss the big questions and find what gems are truly ever-present and eternally available. Come and discover your real nature!

    Week 1: The Wisdom Within. We will explore this further in this session.

    Week 2: Know Thyself. Self-discovery. Self-knowledge. Who or what am I? What is my potential in living? What is my nature? These questions are as old as mankind itself.

    Week 3: Being Awake. Different levels of awareness. What is our usual state of awareness? Are there greater levels of awareness? If so, how may we gain access to them? In the last few years, Mindfulness has become increasingly well-known. We will consider aspects of this on both weeks 3 and 4.

    Week 4: Attending to the present moment. What is the potential of the present moment? We will consider the power of attention to connect with the present moment.

    Week 5: Living Justly. What is justice and injustice? What does it mean to live justly? In particular we will look at what Plato has to say on this subject.

    Week 6: The Threefold Energy. How to understand and use energy well. Can we increase the energy available to us?

    Week 7: The Light of Reason. We will consider the purpose of reason and how it may be strengthened.

    Week 8: The Power of Beauty. What is beauty? What is its purpose? Can we experience beauty more widely and deeply?

    Week 9: Unity in Diversity. How to see unity in diversity, the common thread of life?

    Week 10: The Desire for Truth. How does the desire for truth show itself? How may it be satisfied? Review the term.

    Enrolment for 'The Wisdom Within' is now open.

    Enrol today at The School of Practical Philosophy website


    'The Wisdom Within' is also available online for the fee of $150 for 10 Sessions.
    Term 3 courses commence September 18.

  • 18 September -7:00 PM AEST (5:00 PM AWST)
  • 18 September - 9:00 PM AEST (7:00 PM AWST)

  • 19 September - 11:00 AM AEST (9:00 AM AWST)
  • 19 September - 7:00 PM AEST (5:00 PM AWST)

  • This enlightening 10-week online course will introduce you to the world's great philosophical teachings, show you ways of accessing lasting happiness beyond material gain, and help you realise the unifying power of love.

    Held weekly in the comfort of your home via Zoom and presented by the knowledgeable School of Practical Philosophy tutors, the course will invite you to participate in inquiries into core questions about life and existence, experiment with exercises in mindfulness, and discover how easily you can access the wisdom you already have within you.

    The format of the classes is interactive, where students can discuss the big questions and find what gems are truly ever-present and eternally available!

    Sign up for the online course now at

    Each session is 90 minutes.

    Practical Philosophy Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that has been offering courses in Practical Philosophy and meditation in Australia for over 50 years.


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