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Posted 2012-07-20 by Jodie plus twofollow
You'd be forgiven for thinking you'd walked into a bohemian Parisian cafe. Rustic bicycles with their wicker baskets lean idly against the warm walls and hang (yes, hang!) from the ceiling.
Baskets of baguettes, breadsticks and other fares are scattered amongst the tall vases of fresh lilies and roses on the tables.
Fashion mannequins (which have probably seen a few fashion trends in their lifetime) sit poised at the unconventional mismatched tables and chairs. So much to take in and absorb, and yet The Velo Project is only a 5 minute walk from Queensland's iconic Mooloolaba Beach.
Although undoubtedly fresh and modern, on closer inspection you'll find that there doesn't seem to a 'new' piece of furniture amongst the entire collection of tables and chairs. All the seating is mismatched (very kitsch) and yet there is something so inviting about it - that kind of homely feeling you get when you visit your favourite great-Aunt and sit down for a cup of tea.

And that's exactly what we did!

My two companions and I visited mid-morning, and enjoyed a latte and two cappuccinos. Don't go to the Velo Project expecting your stock-standard 'Starbucks' variety coffee. Just like the smattering of unconventional furniture, the cups, saucers and teaspoons are also mismatched china. Very endearing and quirky, but also kind of disheartening when your 'large' muggacino holds around the same volume as a regular one. That being said, the coffee was delicious and the ambiance and homely appeal of the Velo Project will make this writer a regular visitor.

While we didn't eat on this occasion, my coffee companion thoroughly raved about the 'Biker's Breakfast', a weekend menu option priced for one, but more than amply sized to feed two. Sadly, our visit fell on a week day and this wasn't available. A nearby diner recommended her baguette au bacon, ouefs, sauce et fromage suisse, which I'm told roughly translates from the language of love to a bacon and egg roll with Swiss cheese. Either way, at $6.90 it looked and smelled devine.

Menu options vary in price, with most between $10-15. The
Velo Project is located at 19 Careela Street in Mooloolaba. If you aren't familiar with the suburb (outside of the glitzy Esplanande strip), then pack a referedex because this charming establishment is definitely one off the beaten track.

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