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The Tiny Giant Cafe


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The Tiny Giant cafe is a refreshing and welcoming site with friendly staff, great food and a country-style décor that lends itself to a cosy ambience. Situated in a side street off the busy main street of Petersham, you'll feel a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of city living.

The corner building that was once a pub has had a makeover or two and now brings an appealing vibe with its greenery overflowing from pots, its pendant lights hanging from an ornate white ceiling and its sanded back wooden tables. Earthy tones abound in this small cafe with big food.

Serving all day breakfast and lunch, coffee and cronuts, there's creativity in many of the items. The brioche toast is magical with mixed berries, Canadian maple, salted caramel and mascarpone topped with a cloud of Persian pashmak (fairy floss). Belgian waffles also come out in a similar manner whilst eggs are baked and prosciutto replaces bacon in more savoury hot breakfasts.

For lunch, you can choose from salads of pulled pork, smoked salmon and avocado, and baked chicken with roast pumpkin and slaw. Length-wise, the lamb and chicken wraps behind the counter looked long with plenty of filling and the namesake grilled parmesan crusted chicken burger should perhaps have the tiny taken out of the name as it has a number of accompaniments. Toasted sourdough comes with various toppings with the Pea Smash Parmesan being a popular choice and the Croque Madam with smoked jamon (ham), béchamel, gruyere and 72 hour truffle infused fried egg taking it to the next level. Gourmet sandwiches are on display but it was an American hot sandwich I chose – the New York Reuben – with corned beef, sauerkraut, whiskey sour pickles, American red cheddar, Thousand Island dressing and American mustard on NY rye. It was very tasty and filling. Two thumbs up.

A new specials menu had some interesting combinations, such as, a Pumpkin Salad with avocado, Danish feta, rocket, spinach, pomegranate, walnuts and a balsamic glaze topping; Prawn Tacos with tomato and corn salsa, slaw, coriander and chilli aioli; and the San Fran Crab Roll with baby capers, celery, chives, tomatoes, pickles, paprika, spring onions and garlic aioli. My husband had the latter and gave his blessing to the sweet crab and the side salad with its tasty dressing. Also on this new menu is a new take on the BLTC. Named the PLTC, Tiny Giant's take combines soy and linseed bread with prosciutto, heirloom tomato, provolone cheese, watercress and Danish feta.

Drinks include a variety of teas and coffees (hot and iced), hot chocolate, juices and fruit smoothies, ginger ale and other soft drinks, plus still and sparkling water. I went with a mixed berry smoothie whilst hubby had a flat white. Both went down well.

Last but not least, let's not forget the cronuts I mentioned earlier. Whilst I was full from my Reuben, I couldn't resist taking home a caramel cronut for afternoon tea and, when I did enjoy it later on, it didn't disappoint. With chocolate covered caramel wafers on top of a carameI sauce, I was expecting it to be quite sweet but in the base was a cream cheese tasting/custard type filling that balanced out the sweetness and had it disappearing from the plate quite quickly. Light and airy inside like a croissant, it was a winner for this sweet toother.

Prices at The Tiny Giant are very reasonable with nothing over $18. My NY Reuben was $14.90 and the San Fran Crab Roll was $17.90. Drinks are all under the $8 mark. There's also a small kids menu that includes cheese fingers, waffles and milkshakes with even lower prices.

Altogether, there's a lot to love about The Tiny Giant. Check out their website and Facebook page and salivate over all the delicious looking food pictures. You'll be wanting to visit yourself.

P.S. They also have free wi-fi.

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