The Tiny Giant Cafe, Petersham

The Tiny Giant Cafe, Petersham


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The Tiny Giant has recently revamped its d├ęcor and menu with a fresh new hue. Move over Picasso, the blue period has been reinvented by the popular foodie haven in Petersham.

Famous for its delectable waffles and cronuts, the Tiny Giant cafe has been an Inner West institution for the past 8 years. It has recently been taken over by one of its staff members signalling a new era for the corner cafe. Now you can find a new range of delicious meals and beverages from crispy chicken burgers and gluten-free eggs benedict to designer lattes and berry smoothies.

I had the fortune of visiting the Tiny Giant to try out the new blue experience. I ventured into Petersham during the week on a lazy morning. Sitting on the corner of Audley Street and Sadlier Crescent lane, an old-fashioned blue bike was perched on the street corner where I knew I would find the entrance. Its romantic blue touches show this is no regular cafe. I made myself at home at one of the window-side tables surrounded by Tiffany blue in my matching Archies flip-flops.

Spoiled for choice with its menu, I had to try the divine ricotta pancakes with berries and fairy floss. I accompanied my pancakes with a coffee that featured a printed image of Marilyn Monroe in the froth. After attacking my coffee with my spoon (sorry Marilyn), I was welcomed with the pancake mini tower of my dreams. I'm often intimidated by the size of a pancake stack, but on this day I decided to go for it.

I was impressed. Sweetened with a drizzle of maple sauce, the pancakes were soft, fluffy and delicate. White chocolate sauce surrounded the pancakes to add another dimension of sweetness. I dove my spoon into the soft, mint-coloured pancakes in heavenly happiness.

The fairy floss is also more than just a visual treat, I added the floss to each mouthful making the realisation that I've underestimated it after all this time. Reserving fairy floss only for Easter shows and theme parks is a mistake!

I was surprised by how much of a dent I managed to make in the pancakes and decided to take the rest home for later. It is an ideal size to share with someone so you can try more of the dishes on offer. I didn't stop there though, I followed up with a cronut injected with a needle of Nutella, because I really couldn't miss having one of those. It is worth stopping into the Tiny Giant for this alone.

If you're less of a sweet fan, the spicy crispy chicken burger comes highly recommended by the staff there. Getting my dish to go, I stepped out of the colourful world of the Tiny Giant and strolled down the lane, wondering who to bring there next time.

ADDRESS: 110 Audley St, Petersham NSW 2049
CONTACT: Ph 8065 4684
Mon-Fri: 6am - 2:30pm
Sat & Sun: 6:30am - 2:30pm
SOCIAL: Visit their pages on Facebook and Instagram

No bookings are required. On weekends, it is worth arriving early as it can get busy by mid-morning. You can contact the cafe to reserve a table.

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