The Story of Parks Marriage Contract - TV Series Review

The Story of Parks Marriage Contract - TV Series Review


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The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract - TV Series Review

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Kang Tae-ha (played by Bae In-hyuk, also played in Kiss Goblin ), a very successful businessman from chaebol (conglomerate) family, decided to get married as his grandpa's wish. He had to give in to his sick grandfather to convince him to get treatment for his illness. On that fateful day, while waiting for a private ceremony of his own wedding, Tae-ha had to save an almost drowned girl at the pool hotel where the wedding would be held. The girl was all dressed up in beautiful hanbok (traditional Korean clothes). Tae-ha didn’t know, that the girl was coming from the past, from Joseon time (the last dynasty in Korea, from 1392 until 1897).

Park Yeon-woo (played by Lee Se-young), was the daughter of a noble family in Joseon time. She liked to make dresses and sold her creations in the market with the pseudonym name Madame Butterfly, because as a woman from a rich noble family, she wouldn’t be allowed to work especially making clothes and selling them at the market. A lot of people liked her creations but as she got ‘famous’ she faced a lot of troubles. She even needed to work secretly from her mother, so her true identity wouldn’t be revealed.

Yeon-woo’s mother (played by Kim Yeo-Jin, also played in My Strange Hero and Angel Eyes ) decided to get her daughter a husband so she wouldn't only play all day and become an old bachelorette. A young man from another noble family was a perfect candidate for Yeon-woo. Neither Yeon-woo nor her family knew that this young man had a heart condition and on their wedding day, he got a heart attack and passed away, leaving Yeon-woo as a widow. One night, someone kidnaps Yeon-woo and throws her into a well. While Yeon-woo was trying hard to stay afloat and save herself from drowning, a hand reached her and saved her. It was Tae-ha! Yeon-woo came out from the water, from the swimming pool at a hotel to be exact, in the present time.

The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract also known as Lady Virtue’s Contract is not only about a typical contract marriage story, with family members fighting to get power in the company. It has an unpredictable plot that will surprise you.

In Joseon time, women were educated to be filial to their parents and in-laws, loyal to their husbands; to obey their father before marriage, obey their husband during marriage, and obey their sons in widowhood. Virtuous women at that time were rewarded by the state with gradations in status and financial support. Someone in Joseon's time was using Yeon-woo to get virtuous status and received high status as well as financial support from the government at that time. In order to fix the past, Yeon-wo had to travel to the future.

You can see a lot of beautiful hanbok while filming the Joseon period in this drama. Later on in the story, Yeon-woo became a designer for Tae-ha’s department store and she created modern clothes with a twist of hanbok details. They are all very beautiful creations.

For a glimpse, The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract is almost the same as another Kdrama, Business Proposal , where there is a marriage contract to fulfil a wish from a dying grandfather. But The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract has a twist in the Joseon period that makes this South Korean drama different from other contract marriage stories, such as Perfect Marriage Revenge and Love in Contract , or Chinese drama with the same theme, Time to Fall in Love and She and her Perfect Husband .


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