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The Shared


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Have you ever thought about learning photography? Or having a music jam with other like minded souls? Or participating in a poetry and story telling afternoon? '' is a big shed in Yandina which is a friendly, relaxed community minded place where everyone is welcome to step inside. You can simply wander around, gaze at all the amazing photographs on the walls, have a coffee or enjoy a bowl of home made soup. One thing is clear - everyone is welcome. is a earthy home grown down to earth place that speaks to one's creative self, offering courses and a place to chill out.

Kate (originally from Ireland) and her husband 'Boogie man' (originally from Barbados) run along with well known photographer, Brian who is a regular photography teacher on the coast. His amazing black and white photographs of Jimi Hendrix, Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan and many others grace the walls of which is incredibly interesting to say the least.

They say it's the little things that make the big difference and I reckon that's a pretty insightful saying. Being given a bowl of soup at the end of an evening of film making was just what I needed. Warm home made nourishment that certainly hit the spot.

Chance Gardiner is the doco teacher, originally from the USA. He is an accomplished documentary maker and graphics expert and a really nice guy. No need to feel intimidated here, Chance goes out of his way to be relaxed yet informative and the coast is so incredibly fortunate to have him settle here in the Yandina area, with his lovely wife, Vanese.

So for all you creative types out there on the coast, head to Yandina and check out . You can view it here for yourself

So, whether you are eager to learn a course in photoshop, after effects, documentary making, photography, (there's a whisper about dancing course),or just join in with their music sessions, on the first Saturday of every month, will promise you a wonderful friendly, memorable experience. Oh, you may pick up a book bargain or a second hand dress while your there too. Anything's possible here. I have a feeling this is going to grow into a hub of creative activity.

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