The Preston Farmer's Market

The Preston Farmer's Market


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On the fourth Saturday of every month, the Preston Farmer's Market appears at the Bell Primary School in Oakover Road, Preston. The market attracts an early crowd with hungry shoppers arriving just before nine to get the best choice of produce and to secure one of the limited, on-street, parking spaces.

With approximately thirty different stalls, the market has plenty of flavours to choose from. Fresh mussels, home-cooked tarts, Murray River mandarins, artisan goat's cheese, local honey, chai tea and even organic, lactose free, pet snacks are among the offerings.

Purchasing from the Farmer's Market also will also provide you with an enjoyable transaction, where stall holders chat to you about their produce and an actual farmer, rather than a faceless grocery corporation, can look you in the eye and assure you of the grass-fed, free range quality of their eggs, beef, pork and lamb.

Many of the foods at the market are organically grown, which converts to the movement will already know, means that it's bursting with strong flavour. It's also comforting that before it arrives in your hands, this produce hasn't been put through the ringer of packing, delivery, unloading and storage via who-knows-what preservative methods.

Hot food sizzles away on site as well and many attend the market to experience the tastes of Middle Eastern and North African treats, hot cooked Bedouin meals or devour gourmet hot dogs while visiting.

lends itself back to a time when food wagons would roll into Melbourne and link provincial with urban Victoria. To further assist with the country fair atmosphere, a live band is employed to play gentle violin, cello and acoustic guitar in the background while you browse.

There's plenty of entertainment for children as well with face-painting, a free baby-animal petting zoo and jumping castle. They can find fun climbing all over the primary school's monkey bars and rings or by digging in the sandpit also.

At two dollars per person with children entering for free, the Preston Farmer's Market proves that you don't have to pay big ticket prices or attend celebrity studded food events to expand your gastronomic horizons. If you can shop at a suburban market and come home to surprise your dinner guests with a meal of boer goat's meat stacked atop a colourful, milepoix of nutritious, heirloom carrots, you might consider that it was an event well done.

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