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Posted 2014-05-13 by Sharon Higsonfollow
Where do you go to buy your plants? There are so many beautiful, established nurseries in the city and surrounds. You can also get some wonderful garden plants from the markets, all lovely, looked after and luscious.

What about buying where you can get wholesale prices? There is a place in Williwong, in the southeast of Brisbane, not too far from Archerfield, that has been there for 30 years.

is owned and operated by Donna and Jim Plumpton, Brisbanites who have been at this same spot for all this time. They sold only to landscape contractors for many years, deciding to go public 9 years ago, passing on great prices to you.

When you arrive at their location, you may see Donna, bandages on her fingers, hauling and carrying her products. Jim is helpful and chats with everyone who needs his assistance.

This is a self-serve venue, feel free to browse. It is almost like a walk through a botanical garden.

You enter and automatically notice the quality of everything growing here. Look at that row of palms, stunning and graceful in their framework. How about the roses to the left, notice how gorgeous they are and ready to be planted?

Now if you are a native gardener you will know this is the season for rose planting. If you aren't, they can give you a lesson on what is good for planting at any time of year.

Carrying on, take note of the rows of bromeliads, numerous in colour, great for shaded and fenced areas of your yard. You can even use them for splashes of colour indoors.

Cactus and some succulents thrive here, loving the summer heat. If you have a slope, a spot heated all day by the summer sun, these little beauties hold their own water and do well in these conditions.

Hanging pots, climbers, vines, all give you a great show and can cover a multitude of ugly walls or trellises.

Annuals brighten up all corners of your yard, pinks, blues, yellows, oranges. Put them in the shade, full sun, partial sun and everywhere else in between. Make sure you plant them in the right soil, a huge factor in the growth of your plants.

Natives like callistemon, grevillea, or fruit trees, bamboos and lillypillys all can be used as the bones for a good structured garden. One key to a long life for your trees is making sure they are planted in their ideal conditions with lots of room around them to grow.

Go and check out the best place to buy plants in Brisbane, take a coffee with you because you can spend quite a while browsing here on this large piece of property, enjoying the colour, texture and natural beauty that is part of Donna and Jim's Plant Factory Outlet.

Be on the lookout for their up and coming website.

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