The Place Beyond the Pines - Film Review

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Posted 2013-05-04 by SocialHummingBirdfollow

The Place Beyond the Pines has a star studded cast, which includes Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, Eva Mendes, and Ray Liotta.

The trailer for The Place Beyond the Pines incorrectly sets up the film as a run of the mill thriller, about a motorcyclist on the run from the law after a string of bank robberies. So if it is action that you are seeking, you should know that this is definitely not the film for you.

It is however, a very long movie, so buckle up for a long ride.

The initial camera work can leave you feeling a little motion sickness as Ryan Gosling is trailed walking to and riding his motorbike. Needless to say, it is an engaging film as the narrative continues to unfold with further twists and turns, which only draws you further into wondering where the film will head next.

The first hour is a tangled web of corruption, deception and persuasion, with the essence of human nature being at the very heart of it all. Each actor plays their role to perfection; you can only watch helplessly as each character makes irrational decisions creating a negative rippling effect.

The Place Beyond the Pines is rated R. It contains very coarse language and drugs which would not suit under 17's. It has a strong plot with many twist and turns, and it can draw upon some emotional aspects which you may not be prepared for. The film has a deep seeded undercurrent of the seven sins of man, leaving you struggling with many of your own core values.

The Place Beyond the Pines may not suit everyone, however it will suit those that enjoy a thick plot twisted tale about the deceit and the innocence of human nature.

Brenda attended an advanced screening of The Place Beyond the Pines at Luna Leederville - Luna Palace Cinemas .

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