The Pinnacles on Fraser IslandK'gari

The Pinnacles on Fraser IslandK'gari


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The Pinnacles on Fraser Island/K'gari

The K'gari World Heritage Area on Fraser Island is one big sand island. But there is more to a sand island than just beach sand. The Pinnacles is the perfect place to see the beautiful and varied nature of the sand through the 72 different colours and layers of these exposed sand bluffs on Maheno Beach.

The names K'gari & Fraser Island

The simplest way to explain this is that Butchulla name, K'gari, is currently the name of the world heritage area that covers the entire island. It is actually pronounced gurri and means paradise. However, officially, at the time of writing, Fraser Island remains the official name of the island. But as they cover the same territory, you can use the names interchangeably. But keep a watch out for any official name changes in the future. If you are reading this and the name has official changed, then you are already in the future, which should be amazing. I hope the flying cars are working out for you.

About The Pinnacles

Over a period of a hundred thousand years, a mixture of sand, clay and minerals came together. The 72 different colours of the sand come from a range of minerals that stained the sand. Then as the wind blew and rain fell it exposed this slowly formed sand to the world, with the clay helping keep it together and preventing it from collapsing. This particular formation stands out clearly as you drive past. Another formation further up the beach is Red Canyon which was formed from completely red sand.


The Pinnacles are on Maheno Beach just north of the Maheno Shipwreck. Really the only way to get The Pinnacles is by 4 wheel drive or on a tour. If you are staying at Cathedral's Camping Ground, it is only 2 kms walk down the beach, so that is an option.

There is a short path leading into The Pinnacles with information about its formation. But you can't walk up or climb the sand cliffs, so it is just a quick short stop to get a closer look at the sand formations and their colours. No one stays for long, but no one leaves without a little bit of wonder in their eyes.

Do keep a lookout for wildlife. in particular, you will see lots of sea eagles in the area and the trees on the top of The Pinnacles are a great place for them to perch. Out here on the beaches, they tend to stick to the trees on the dune tops and don't come down close to people.

Dingo awareness

Dingoes live in the K'gari World Heritage Area and are a natural part of the landscape. They can attack people, but usually, it is only 1 or 2 a year, and most attacks only result in minor injuries. However, it is important to be dingo aware . They can turn up anywhere on the island, though usually, they are coy around people and not aggressive. So if you see any dingoes around The Pinnacles, keep your distance, don't feed them, and if they seem aggressive don't run, but stand your ground. Most importantly, keep your kids near you at all times.


The Pinnacles is not the most existing place on Fraser Island/K'gari, but it is worth a stop as you drive down the beach. Most people will leave amazed at how the sands have formed all these beautiful colours and patterns and remain standing as bluffs on the edge of the beach. Now on to Red Canyon where you will see a section of completely red sand.

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