The Pie Shed

The Pie Shed


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has long been a favourite with Bayswater locals for good old-fashioned meat pies, sausage rolls and other delicious pastries, and going by how busy it was on our recent Saturday lunchtime visit, it's still going strong.

It's been a well-known fixture on the corner of Canterbury and Bayswater Roads for 22 years, and little has changed since it opened. It's fed thousands of hungry workers from the nearby factories on their lunch breaks, cold and bedraggled kids after a game of junior football at the sports oval down the road, commuters ducking in for a quick coffee and pastry from the drive-through window as they whiz down Canterbury Road, and local residents craving a fresh, iconic Australian meat pie.

offers over 40 varieties of pies, sausage rolls, pasties and quiches, all baked fresh on site each day. They also have a large range of cakes, slices and fruit pies and some of the biggest scones I've ever seen in my life. I was very nearly ready to skip on the meat pie and go straight to the scones, but I tore myself away from the plate of them perched precariously on the glass counter and weakly resisted—after all, I was at . So a pie it was.

The range of pies includes traditional plain steak (made from 100% pure beef), and steak with cheese, bacon, pepper, mushroom or the lot, to gourmet pies such as Thai Beef Curry, Curried Scallop, Satay Vegetable and Lamb and Rosemary. For those that are a little more adventurous, you can sink your teeth into one of 's range of game pies, which includes kangaroo, venison and even crocodile.

You can eat in or take your pies away, but with the interior of all done up in a fun, if a little kitschy, Australiana theme, it kind of seems like you're leaving without getting the full 'Aussie pie' experience if you take your food to go. The tables are adorned with checked tablecloths and little glass vases of fake flowers, and there's plenty of timber and corrugated iron and Australian memorabilia and bits and pieces to really get you in the mood. It's fun and comfy, warm and cosy, and it almost feels like you're in Aunty Dot's kitchen way out in the middle of woop woop.

After you've ordered (which is quite an agonising decision, given the rows and rows of plump pies, fat sausage rolls and other delicious items lined up in the glass cabinets) and paid at the counter, the lovely staff promptly bring your order to your table, on real china plates AND with proper cutlery. Our steak and bacon pie and vegetable pasty were just the right temperature, warmed perfectly in the pie warmers (no soggy microwaved pies at ). The pie was full of good-quality beef and delicious meaty gravy, with plenty of chunks of bacon to give the pie a real bacon-y flavour. The pasty was chock full of vegetables, encased in flaky, buttery pastry. It didn't take us long to polish the both of them off, and whilst the scones (and cakes and fruit pies and slices) were beckoning, we maintained our willpower, just giving them a longing glance on our way out—perhaps next time. Yes, definitely next time.

As well as individual-sized pies, also have a range of family-sized pies to take home for those nights when the thought of cooking is just too overwhelming. There are party pies and sausage rolls for the little people in your life, more than a dozen flavours of milkshakes, and the option of turning your pie into a meal, with mushy peas, chips and gravy. As part of 's ongoing commitment to the local community, they also offer fundraising pie drives for schools and clubs, and support many local sports clubs by providing competitively priced pies, pasties and sausage rolls for the clubs to raise much-needed funds through venue sales. also provides catering services for lunchtime and evening functions, and they welcome wholesale enquiries too.

has been an institution in Bayswater for over two decades, and although the outdoor seating may be a little weathered now, and the signs may have faded a little, their premise of providing delicious, freshly-baked products at reasonable prices remains. Next time you're in the area, drop on by and see the friendly staff, and treat yourself to a tasty Aussie meat pie, with a cake or scone on the side. They've been doing something right for 22 years, and I know there will be plenty of people who hope they continue to do it for another 22 years.

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