The Never Ending Story - Film Review

The Never Ending Story - Film Review


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The Never Ending Story is a classic fantasy film that was released in 1984. Directed by Wolfgang Petersen and based on the novel of the same name by Michael Ende, the movie has become a beloved favourite of many generations.

The film tells the story of Bastian Balthazar Bux (Barret Oliver), a lonely and introverted boy who is bullied at school. After running away from his tormentors, played by Chris Eastman, Darryl Cooksey and Nicholas Gilbert, Bastian finds refuge in a dusty old bookstore owned by Carl Coreander (Thomas Hill). There, he discovers a mysterious book called The Never Ending Story, which he becomes completely engrossed in.

As Bastian reads the book, he is transported to the magical land of Fantasia, a world filled with fantastical creatures and incredible landscapes. However, Fantasia is in danger, as it is being consumed by a dark force known as the Nothing. The ruler of Fantasia, the Childlike Empress (Tami Stronach), is ill and needs a hero to save her kingdom.

Bastian soon learns that he is the hero that Fantasia has been waiting for, and he sets out on a quest to save the land from the Nothing. Along the way, he meets a variety of strange and interesting characters, including a young warrior named Atreyu (Noah Hathaway), a luck dragon named Falkor (voiced by Alan Oppenheimer), and a wise old turtle named Morla (voiced by Robert Easton).

As Bastian continues to read the book, he discovers that his actions in the real world are having an impact on the events in Fantasia. He realizes that he must use his imagination and creativity to help save the land and defeat the forces of the Nothing.

Throughout the film, Bastian and his companions face a variety of challenges and obstacles. They must traverse treacherous landscapes, battle fierce creatures, and confront their deepest fears. Along the way, they learn important lessons about courage, friendship, and the power of imagination.

One of the most iconic scenes in the film is when Atreyu and Artax, his loyal horse, are confronted by the Swamp of Sadness, a bog that traps travellers who become overwhelmed with despair. Unfortunately, Artax succumbs to the sadness and sinks into the swamp, leaving Atreyu heartbroken and alone.

Another memorable moment in the film is when Bastian confronts his own fears and saves the day by giving the Childlike Empress a new name, thereby saving her and the entire kingdom of Fantasia.

The land of Fantasia's peril, and Atreyu's journey becomes a metaphor for the power of imagination and the need for individuals to confront their fears. The narrative weaves together themes of courage, friendship, and the importance of believing in oneself. The boundary between the real world and the fantasy world blurs as Bastian's connection to the story deepens, adding layers of complexity to the film's storytelling.

One of the film's notable features is its innovative use of practical effects, puppetry, and animatronics, which were ground-breaking for its time. The characters are brought to life in a visually stunning manner, contributing to the film's timeless appeal. Additionally, the musical score by Klaus Doldinger and the iconic theme song, The Never Ending Story by Limahl, enhance the movie's emotional resonance.

Upon its initial release, The Never Ending Story received mixed reviews from critics, but it has since gained a dedicated cult following. The film's enduring popularity can be attributed to its whimsical storytelling, imaginative world-building, and nostalgic charm. For many who grew up in the 1980s, the movie holds a special place in their hearts, and its messages about the power of storytelling and imagination continue to resonate with audiences of all ages. The Never Ending Story remains a beloved classic that has stood the test of time.

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