The Mustard Pot Hotel

The Mustard Pot Hotel


Posted 2014-07-31 by Vividfollow
If you're looking for old men who don't look like they've been home since 1958, sports-lovin blokes who could drink you under the table, and the odd nice sheila or two, the Mustard Pot Hotel will tick more than a few of your boxes. It's got a public bar where the footy is always on TV, a dining room where you'll always find a nice steak and chips, and a bar overflowing with Cascade Draught. But the best thing about this place? Absolutely no pokies.

The Mustard Pot, also known as the Moonah Hotel and "The Pot", used to have a bit of a rep. It stayed open late and didn't have much in the way of dress and behaviour codes, so it tended to attract some, erm, unsavoury types. But these days, things are different. The new management, an all-woman crew, has a zero tolerance approach to any riff raff or tomfoolery. Management has also reduced its hours of operation to make The Pot the place to start a wild night out, rather than a destination to get crazy at.

Friday and Saturday nights are all about busting out your best boogie moves to a local band. And yes, you can get a "traveller" once you decide to head home. The Thirsty Camel bottleshop out the back will supply you with all the stubbies you could poke a bottle-opener at. It's a dream suburban pub really – no frills and no-nonsense.

Food at The Pot is really pretty good. They've got the usual range of pub fare – crumbed and curried scallops, roasts of the day and lamb shanks. Several nights of the week have special deals – like $10 schnitzels – and they always have a $15 menu where you'll find a good, honest, solid feed. Say hello to the chef while you take your order – he's a friendly chap – and the wait and bar staff are salt of the Earth.

It's the kind of pub your grandparents used to patronise. Sure, you're not going to find swanky folk in here discussing the virtues of Vivaldi – but isn't that kind of the beauty of it? Take your dad, grab a beer, and watch the footy in the salubrious surrounds of The Pot. You won't regret it.

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